Unit 3 Timelime

  • Jan 1, 1517

    Martin Luther

    Martin Luther begins Protestant Reformation
  • Oct 1, 1536

    John Calvin

    John Calvin of Geneva publishes "Institutes of the Christian Religion"
  • First Africans

    First Aficans to arrive in Virgina
  • Mayflower

    Pilgrims sail on the Mayflower to Plymouth Bay
  • Dutch

    Dutch found New Netherland
  • Population of English

    Population of English colonies in America about 2,000
  • Charles I

    Charles I dismisses Parliament and persecutes Puritans
  • Puritans

    Puritans found Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • Period: to

    Roger Williams

    Roger Williams convicted of heresy and founds Rhode Island colony
  • Period: to


    Connecticut and New Haven colonies founded
  • Harvard

    Harvard College founded
  • Pequot

    Pequot War
  • Anne Hutchinson

    Anne Hutchinson was banished from the Massachusetts Colony
  • Connecticut's

    Connecticut's Fundamental Orders drafted
  • Period: to


    English Civil War
  • New England

    New England Confederation formed
  • William Bradford

    William Bradford completes of Plymouth Plantation
  • New Netherland

    New Netherland conquers New Sweden
  • Half-Way Covenant

    Half-Way Covenant for Congregational Church membership established
  • England/Jersey

    England seizes New Netherland from Dutch East and West Jersey colonies founded
  • Virgina

    Virgina assembly disfranchises landless freemen
  • Period: to

    William Penn

    King Philip's War
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion in Virgina
  • Mass expansion

    Mass expansion of slavery in colonies
  • William Penn

    William Penn founds Pennsylvania colony
  • Royal authority

    Royal authority creates Dominion of New England
  • Period: to

    Glorious Revolution

    Glorious Revolution overthrows Stuarts and Dominion of New England
  • Period: to

    Leisler's Rebellion

    Leisler's Rebellion in New York
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts
  • Royal African

    Royal African Company slave trade monopoly ended
  • Populations of English pt2

    Populations of English colonies in America about 250,000
  • New York

    New York City slave revolt
  • South Carolina

    South Carolina slave revolt