Unit 2 Topics

  • French and Indian War

    Between Indians, British and France
    1754 to 1763
    The English wanting to expand into France colony
  • Treaty of Paris

    Ended the French and Indian War
    Britain claimed all the land east of the Mississippi River
    Colonist began to settle in the Ohio River Valley
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Britain didn’t allow colonist to settling west
    Angered the colonists
    Was meant to stop war with Indians
  • Sugar Act

    1st british tax placed on Colonial goods
    Help pay off British War debt
    Angered the colonists
  • Sugar Act

    British placed tax on sugar, wine and other things.
    Did this to raise money for the war
    Angered the colonist
  • Quartering Acts

    Allowing soldiers stay in people home, where they were feed and slept for free.
    Saved the government money
    Angered the colonist
  • Stamp Act

    British placed tax on all official paper goods
    Angered the colonists
    Help pay for the war
  • Writs of Assistance

    Allowed customs officer the right ti search any ship at any time without probable cause.
    To make sure everything was paid for, including tax
    Angered the colonist
  • Townshend Acts

    British taxed tea, oil and glass.
    Raised money for the war
    Angered the colonists
  • Boston Massacre

  • Tea Act

    Angered the colonists
    Made tax on tea
    Cuased the boston tea party
  • Boston Tea Party

    Colonists poured tea into the Boston harbor
    They were dressed as indians
    Caused the Intolerable Acts
  • Intolerable Acts

    Angered the colonists
    Caused by Boston Tea Party
    Banned them from grouping
  • 1st Contential Congress

    Drafted Olive Branch Petition
    Group of Patriots
    Wanted to be independent
  • Bunker Hill

    Americans were on top of a hill
    "Dont shoot until you see the whites of their eyes"
    They limited gun supply
  • Ft. Ticonderoga

    Had cannons
    Americacns conquered it
    Free cannons
  • Lexington

    First shot was fired
    8 colonists died
    Patriots lost terriblly
  • Concord

    2nd battle
    Main supply depot for patriots
    We retreated to Concord from Lexington
  • 2nd Contiental Congress

    They were wanted from the British
    They made the 2nd continital army
    They wanted independence
  • Declaration of Indepence

    Made on July 4 1776
    Made by Thomas Jefferson
    Declared our independence
  • Commonn Sense

    A book made to persuade people to go for the war
    Made by Thomas Paine
    Made the colonists happy
  • Battle of Trenton

  • Battle of Saratoga

    Turning point
  • Winter at Valley Forge

  • Battle of Princeton

  • Battle of Yorktown

    Surrounded Britain
    Had help from French and spain
  • Treaty of Paris

    Ended the war