Unit 2 Timeline Jplakyda

  • Colony at Roanoke Island

    The first colony Europeans attempted to Permanently establish in North America and what later became the Virginia Colony.
  • Period: to


  • England defeats the Spanish Armada

    The Spainish Armada attempted to over throw Queen Elizabeth the first.
  • Settlement of Jamestown

    This English settlement on the mainland the first successful settlement of North America
  • First Anglo-Powhatan War

    The First Anglo-Powhatan War reasulted from Lord de la Warr's orders to George Percy on August 9, 1610. It started over the killingof a royal women and her children and the attack on the Paspahegh capital.
  • Establishment of New Netherlands

    It is the 17th century colonial province of the Republic of the seven United Netherlands on the east coast.
  • Mayflower Compact

    The Mayflower Compact is known as the first governing document of the Plymouth Colony.
  • Second Anglo-Powhatan War

    This war was caused by the Indian Massacre and the Indians reveange, and this was the way the Indians them back for the killing of their people.
  • Establishment of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

    The 17th century English settlement on Americas east coast, that situalted around present day Salem and Boston. It lasted from 1628 -1684
  • Establishment of the Carolinas

    This colony was established in honor of Charles the first. In the year 1629. It was also later a British colony of America.
  • Pequot War

    This was the first Indian war between the Native Americans and the English colonist.
  • Banishment of Roger Williams

    He was banished for spreading new, diverse, and dangerous Opinions.
  • Establishment of Rhode Island

    The land that was granted Roger Williams by by the Narragansett tribe. " He called Providence and declared it a place of religious freedom."
  • Banishment of Anne Hutchinson

    She was banished on her opinions religion.
  • Fundamental Orders

    It was the basic law of the Connecticut colony.
  • Maryland Act of Toleration

    This was the "law madating religious tolerance for christians."
  • Navigation Laws

    The ship mostly english (1/3 of the people) then any other people and had to cary produce from the mother land and back and forth between England and American.
  • Barbados Slave Code

    This code is a law passed to provide a legal base for slavery in the Caribbean island of Barbados.
  • New Netherlands becomes New York

    The New Netherlands surrendered to an English fleet and were renamed New York after James and the Duke of York.
  • King Philip's War

    King Philip's war was aslo called the first Indian war between the Native Americans and the English coloniest and the Indian allies.
  • Bacon’s Rebellion

    This was an uprising in the Virginia colony led by a 29 year old planter, his name is Nathaniel Bacon.
  • Penn's "Holy Experiment"

    This was an experiment by Quakers to establisha community in Pennsylvanna, It was suppose to show the world how to live without persecution.
  • Dominion of New England

    This was an English colony administration in the England region of America.
  • Great Awakening

    This refers to several periods of religious revivals in American history. From 1730's - 1750
  • Establishment of Georgia

    Georgia was the last of the thirteen colonies named after king George the second.