Unit 1 timeline

By Jalex2
  • 1215

    magna carta

    King john signs the magna carta
  • Mayflower compact

  • Petition of Right

    King Charles signs the petition of Right
  • English Civil war

    War starts
  • William and Mary chosen to rule

    William and Mary Chosen to rule
  • English Bill of Rights

    Bill of Rights passed in England
  • sugar act

  • stamp act

  • Boston massacre

  • Boston tea party

  • intolerable acts

  • Declaration of independence signed

  • Articles of confederation ratified

  • Federalist paper Gazette of the United States published

  • Judiciary Act of 1789

    Established a three tiered court system
  • Whigs countered with National Gazette.​

  • Marbury v. Madison

    power of judicial review
  • Gibbons vs. Ogden

    Court said only Congress has the right to regulate commerce between states
  • Democratic-Republican party splits

    Created the 2 parties we have today
  • Morrill Act

    Granted land for states to sell and use the money for colleges
  • 16th amendment

    Allowed congress to set an income tax
  • native Americans get granted citizenship

    The Indian citizenship act
  • Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929

    Fixed the number of reps in the HOR by law
  • Brown vs Board

    Ended segregation is schools
  • Tinker v. Des Moines

    defined first amendment rights for students
  • War Powers Resolution

    The president has to talk to congress before sending troops for war