Unit 1: Pligrams and the 13 colonies

By Kamish
  • Period: to

    Pilgrims - 3 regions of the 13 colonies

  • Mayflower Arives

    Plymoth Rock was created, and America had settlers from the East.
  • Plymoth

    In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states.
  • New Hampshire

    Founded by: John Mason
    Reason for founding: John Mason was given the land and decided he wanted to make a colony with it.
    Resources: saw mills, fishing, lumber, and the forests in the area.
    Religion: puritan
    Geography: it was right next to the Atlantic ocean and part of the Appalachian Mountains go through it.
    Government: They had a Council of Plymouth who was incharge.
    Resident Profile: people from England and puritans
    Founding Document: Charter of New Hampshire
  • Captin Jhon Smith

    John Smith's 1624 estimate of 180 people living at Plymouth, according to the evidence available, some cattle and goats, but many swine and poultry, 32 dwelling houses, whereof 7 were burnt the last winter, and the value of five hundred pounds in other goods; the Town is impaled about half a mile in compass.
  • Virginia

    Religion: Anglican/Church of England
    Celebrity Residents: John Rolfe, John Smith, George Washington, Arthur Ashe, (tennis player),
    Reason for Founding: 1607, John Smith, Trade and Profit for Virginia Company. Some people came to find a better life, economically and politically wise, with some coming for religious freedom. This affects people who come to Virginia, and some were wanting to find silver/gold, so they could be rich.
    Geography- The James, the York, the Rappahannock and the Potom
  • Maryland

    Founded by: Lord Baltimore Reason for Founding: They wanted to create a safe haven for Catholics. Economy/resources: tobacco
    Geography: Is split by the Chesapeake Bay
    Government: Representative Government Religion: Roman Catholic
    Resident Requirements: Catholics who wanted to get away from the religion in Europe.
  • Connecticut

    Founded by: Thomas Hooker and a group of colonists.
    Resources: Agriculture
    Religion: They had freedom of religion.
    Geography: The Quonehtact runs through it.
    Government: John Winthrop was the Governor of Connecticut
    Resident Profile: Someone who wanted freedom, and financial opportunities. They most likely weren't very rich and needed and money and a stable job.
    Founding Document: The charter of Connecticut.
  • Rhode Island

    Founded in: 1636Economy: Agriculture
    Geography: Is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean and has some small islands that are part of it just off the coast.
    Government: They had a governor and assistantsReligion: freedom of religion
    Residency Requirements: People who wanted to have religious freedom and/or were banished from their colony because they didn’t want to study the religion of that colony and went against it. Founding Document: Charter of Rhode Island
  • Delaware

    Reason for founding: Trade and profits Economy: Grain, rice, & indigo
    Geography: Delaware is on top of the Delmarva Peninsula, there are many rivers that flow in Delaware. It faces the Delaware river, which empties out into Delaware Bayempties Religion: It was more like a mixture of religion. People could decide what they wanted to be.
    Target Resident: Anyone from any religion could come.
    Important Documents: Delaware Colonial Charter
  • Population Growth

    Pequot war, brought about a confederation of the colonies of Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut, New Haven and Plymouth, calling themselves the United Colonies of New England. The fourth article of the New England Confederation provided each colony would "bring a true account and number of all the males in every Plantation . . . of what quality or condition soever they be, from 16 years old to 60, being inhabitants there"
    Population: 2,000 people
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Reason for founding: Religious freedom
    Residency Requirement: you would have to be puritan, otherwise you would be turned away most likely.
    Target Resident: mostly puritans.
    Economy: Agriculture (fishing, corn, livestock), Manufacturing (lumbering, shipbuilding)
    Geography: Part of Massachusetts is on the Appalachian Mountains
    Government: Representative
    Important documents: Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter and the Mayflower Compact
  • North and South Carolina

    Economy: Cattle, tobacco, lumber, cattle, rice, and indigo. Geography- Ashley River, Savannah River, Santee River, by the ocean, swampy and marshy areas.
    Government: Royal Colony. Documents: were the charter to colonize Carolina, Charter to separate into North and South Carolina
  • North and South Carolina

    In 1663, the King broke Carolina into 2 different colonies: North and South
  • New York

    Economy- Iron, cattle, cash crops, and lumber were all resources that New York made money off of.
    Geography- Area was hot and humid in the summers, and cold and snowy in the winters. Mountains, plains, rolling hills, lakes, rivers, and the ocean were all areas that supplied resources to New York.
    Government-Was originally given self government, but then in 1685, was turned into a royal colony which did not make the citizens of New York happy, for they were underneath the control of England.
  • New Jersey

    Religion: Freedom of religion Economy: Manufacturing and creating goods (Cash Crops)
    Geography: by Atlantic Ocean, a peninsula, borders with the Delaware River, in Appalachian Mountain Region, and has plains
    Government: New Jersey had shared with New York's royal Governor, until 1738, when Lewis Morris became governor. Target Residents: People who would buy goods, or sell goods. Also people who would work hard.
  • Pennsylvania

    Economy/Resources-grain, cattle, lumber, iron, rum, and fish.
    Geography- dense forests and rural areas. Waterways and Indian Foot Trails were primary routes, usually went through forests, rivers, and mountainous areas. Good fertile land for crops
    Religion- freedom of religion. The Anglicans built the Christ Church which exists today.
    Government- Democracy.
    Founding Documents- Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges.
    Target Residents- anybody that is seeking religious freedom
  • Population

    Population Plymouth County 1690 It is possible to get an idea of population figures around this time by looking at estimates calculated for Plymouth County towns for 1690, as follows (Stratton, p. 128):
    Plymouth 775
    Scituate 865
    Bridgewater 440
    Duxbury 410
    Marshfield 400
    Middleborough 165
    for a total of 3,055
  • Georgia

    Reason for Founding: In 1732, James Oglethorpe was given a charter from King George III to create a new colony which he would name Georgia. (He named it after King George III) Economy: Agriculture, (indigo, rice, and sugar.)
    Religion: Mixed.
    Geography: There's a small part where the Appalachian ridge crosses Georgia. South Carolina is North and East of this colony. Target Resident: Anyone from any religion could come.
    Documents:Georgia Charter f 1732.
    Georgia was the last colony.