Unit 1: French + Indian War

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus "discovers" America

    Columbus "discovers" America
    After sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, Christopher Columbus lands on what he thinks is Asia, but is actually America.
  • Jamestown Colony created

    Jamestown Colony created
    Around 100 people formed the first permanent English settlement in North America. It was located near the James River.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony created

    Over hundreds of settlers made it to America on just 11 ships. John Winthrop then was the first to govern the new colony.
  • New Amsterdam becomes New York

    The Dutch govener surrenders New Amsrerdam to the English. After its capture the name is changed to New York in honor of the guy who organized the mission.
  • Albany Congress meets

    Albany Congress meets
    This was a confrence which was held in Albany, N.Y. to discuss the security and defense they needed from the British Colonies because of the predicted French attack.
  • George Washington assaults Fort Duquesne

    George Washington assaults Fort Duquesne
    This battle was the start of the French and Indian War and was George Washington's only military surrender.
  • The French & Indian War concludes

    The French and Indian war, also called the Seven Years' War, finally comes to an end with the signing of a treaty.