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  • World War 1 begins -1

    World War 1 begins -1
    WW1 has begun in Europe and Canada takes notice by beginning to form battalions of volunteer soldiers and training them to join the war as soon as possible
  • Canada joins the war -1

    On August 4th, 1914 Canada officially entered the war in support of Britain and to end all wars this, in the long run, helped build Canada's reputation and help them become an independent country it also put a lot of strain on Canadian citizens due to the war being longer than expected
  • Canadians at the front +1

    Canadians at the front +1
    31 000 Canadians set sail for Europe to join the fight this shows Canada's dedication to ending the war and wanting to see it stopped as soon as possible so that it could have more time to mature and grow as a nation and to hopefully make it so that Canada would never have to fight in a war agan
  • Women join the fight +1

    Women join the fight +1
    In 1915 Women started working at munitions factories and joining the war at the battlefront to help the fight in any way possible this also helped changed public opinion of women being fragile and weak to strong and sturdy like men.
  • Canada takes Vimy Ridge +2

    Canada takes Vimy Ridge +2
    On April 12th, 1917 Canadian troops successfully took Vimy ridge after no other allied forces could and proved again how valuable they were
  • National debt -2

    Canada's National debt more than doubled during WW1 to fund the war effort and to ensure that citizens had access to the nutrition and shelter they needed
  • Women's Suffrage +2

    In 1916 the government of Canada gave limited wartime suffrage to Women in Manitoba Saskatchewan and Alberta, Followed by every other province aside from Quebec in 1918-1920.
  • Flappers and Gibson girls +1

    Flappers and Gibson girls +1
    The 20s saw the rise of Flappers and the fashion trend Gibson Girls. Flappers were women who believed they had their own way to live and would dress how they please especially following the Gibson Girl trend in which women would wear long skirts with a collared shirt and their hair pinned up allowing for the crossing of gender barriers and the ability to play sports in clothing they find comfortable.
  • Radios +1

    Radios +1
    With the rise of radio communication came with it a new type of entertainment; radio stations and portable radios this led to a new easily portable way to listen to your favourite music anywhere and on the go.
  • The Discovery of penicillin +2

    The Discovery of penicillin +2
    With the discovery of penicillin in 1928 quality of life was greatly improved for people with Diabetes in Canada and later on all over the world.
  • Period: to

    World War 1 +1

    WW1 was a tragedy that led to Canada becoming a respected country that would be known for its tenacity to never give up and the ability to win battles that other countries could not.
  • Period: to

    The roaring 20s +2

    Hoping to have fun and prosper during the War the 1920s also known as the roaring 20s saw the introduction of multiple changes that still have an effect today.