U.S. History: 1800-1860

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    U.S. History: 1800-1860

  • Thomas Jefferson elected to presidency

    Thomas Jefferson was elected as a president on Feb. 17, 1801 and he was president until 1809
  • Building A Steamboat

    wrong exact date In 1802 Robert Lovingston, a poltical and bussiness leader, hired Robert Fulton to build a steamboat with a powerful engine. Livington wanted the steamboat to be able to carry passangers and cargo up the Hudston River (page 304)
  • Ohio Became A State

    Ohio became a state and asked the government to build a road to connect it with the East (page 303)
  • Congress Approves Funds For Road

    Please note that Jan. 1st is the wrong date, but I was not given a date other than the year. Congress approved funds for a national road to the West . (page 303)
  • Launching the Clermont.

    wrong date again, except the year In 1807 Fulton launced the steamboat named Clermont and the boat made a 150 mile trip from New York to Albany in 32 hours. (page 304)
  • James Maddison elected to presidency

    James Maddison was elected as president on March 16th, 1809, and he served until 1817
  • Work on the road begins.

    Wrong date other than year Work on the road began in 1811 in Cumberland, Maryland.(page 303)
  • War Of 1812

    The War of 1812 with Great Britain halted costruction of the road. (page 303)
  • Regualr Steamboat services

    not correct date other than year, agian Regular steamboat services began alomg the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Natchez (page 305)
  • Indiana Bcame a State

    Indiana became a state on December 11th, 1816.
  • James Monroe as President

    James Monroe was president from 1817 to 1825
  • Mississippi Became a State

    Mississippi became a state on December 10th, 1817
  • Road's First Section Opens

    Even though the war stopped constuction, the roads first section opened in 1818 runnign from present day Maryland and West Virginia. (page 303)
  • Illinois Became a State

    Illimois became a state on December 3rd, 1818
  • Alabama Became a State

    Alabama became a state on December 14th, 1819
  • Missouri Became a State

    Missouri became a state on August 10th, 1821
  • John Quicy Adams as President

    John Quincy Adams was president from 1825 to 1829
  • Erie Canal

    To have a more distance where steamboats could tarvel, the United States started building the Erie Canal across New York into the Great Lakes Region. The Erie Canal opned on October 26, 1825.
  • Native Americans to the Great Plains

    exact date is not correct, exept for the year When ever Andrew Jackson became president, he wanted to moive the Native Americans over to the Great Plains.
  • Steamboats everywhere

    exact date ins wrong besides the year By 1850 some 700 steamboats were carrying cargo and passengers within the United States