tyler krebs nam

  • U.S. and France

    U.S. and France
    the united states pledges 15 million worth of military aid to france to help them fight in vietnam
  • geneva conference

    which took place in geveva switzerland purpose wast to attemp to find a way to unify vietnam and dicuss the possivility of restoring peace
  • republic of vietnam

    republic of vietnam
    south vietnam declares itself the republic of vietnam, with newly elected ngo dinh diem as president
  • first to die

    first to die
    major dale r buis and master sergeant chester m ovnand become the first americans to die in the vietnam war during the guerilla strike at bien hoa
  • operation chopper

    operation chopper
    america's first combat mission against the vietcong
  • kennedy assassinated

    kennedy assassinated
    assassinated in dallas and byndon b johnson takes over as president
  • troops sent

    over 200000 troops are sent to vietnam
  • operation rolling thunder

    was a bombing campaign against north vietnam
  • vietnamization

    was a cut back of american troops in vietnam. took out 25000 soldiers.
  • tet offensive

    north vietnamese launched a massive surprise attack. of guerrilla fighters. attacked all american airbases in south vietnam and most of the souths major cities and provincial capitals.
  • operation breakfast

    nixon authorises the covert bombing of cambodia in an attempt to destroy supply routes
  • war extends

    nexon extnds vietnam war to cambodia
  • kent sate university

    ohio national guard soldiers armed with tear gas and rifles fired on demonstrators without an oder to do so. the soldiers killed four students and wounded a t least nine others.
  • tonkin resolution

    gave the president near complete power in directing the war in vietnam. it was repealed by an angry congress.
  • pentagon papers

    papers leaked out of the pentagon to new york times telling about how politicians supported the war in public but not in private
  • 26th amendmetn

    the right of citizens of the us who are eighteen years of age or older to vote shall not be denid or abridged by the us or any state on account of age.
  • south surrender

    south signed peace treaty.
  • war powers act

    establish some limits on executive power. required the president to inform congress of any commitment of troops abroad within 48 hours and to withdraw them in 60 to 90 days unless congress explicitly approved the troop commitment
  • U.S. pulls out

    will pull all troops out when north pulls all troops out of the south. so the peace treaty can be singed.