Tyla's tearm 3

  • Camera manual

    Camera manual
    last night i finaly got around to reading my camer manual.
  • Hush Hush

    Hush Hush
    Ha Ha i Didn't relly read this my sister started reading to me last night but then i started reading it my self and it is relly good!
  • my sisters keeper

    my sisters keeper
    mr Kc just gave this to me and apparently it's really good cuz haylee said it was good and apparently that is really good comparing it is haylee and she dosen't like books so im ganna give it a go
  • cue cards

    cue cards
    last night i was going over my speech cue cards for one final time before i presented it infrot of the class
  • slated

    i am to pages into the book and still reading the prolog so far so good
  • Slated

    my sister gave me this book to read. (yeah right!)
  • Slatede

    OMG i am like up to page 11 and instead of watching the big bang i was reading!