2013 Reading Log

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    2013 Reading Log

  • Best Mate

    Best Mate
    Best Mate is the name of dog Because Patric (the boy in the story) can't think of a name for him. I think this is a good book for people who like sad and animal stories.
  • Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

    Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
    Percy has a new friend at his new school he finds out hes more than a friend they go on an adventure to find the golden fleece that will protect them from monsters and save the world.
  • Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban

    Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban
    Harry Potter goes on another adventure were he finds his godfather and finds about who realy killed his parents.
  • Just Anoying

    Just Anoying
    Andy Griffiths has done it again another great and funny story called just anoying it is so funny you will laugh your pants off.
  • Clarise Bean

    Clarise Bean
    Clarise Bean is a normal child but not in a normal family she is also into a book sereis called "Ruby Redfort". Its about a spy girl that goes on all sorts of adventures and stops evil vilians. She and Betty Moody (her bestest friend ever) are mad keen on the books.
  • Series of Unfortunate Events

    Series of Unfortunate Events
    Oh no the Bauldaliers are in for another nasty event Count Olaf has their Aunt Josiphine in a loverble chrance and she can't keep her eyes off Captain Sham a.k.a. Count Olaf acting. Then a terrible thing happens and it is up to Violet, Cluas and Sunny to save the day.
  • Matilda

    This is a well knowen book and is a great message for little girls and horrible parents. She is a very intellegent girl who loves to read and dreams of having nice parents. When she finally goes to school it is a whole different story. This book is recamended for year 5-6 but it is a great read.
  • Just Stupid

    Just Stupid
    Andy Griffiths has done it again the book "Just Stupid" is sooo funny and stupid at the same time. This book is recamended for 11-13 years of age and older if you wish adults.
  • Private Peacful

    Private Peacful
    This book is a bout a boy and his life on his farm with his brother he has a very happy life until, the war comes. His hole life is changed and he has a deadly sceret that everytime he has the courage to tell his brother that courage goes away and he is left feeling giulty. Michael Morpurgo has a brillint way of writting and you will be mesmerised by it.
  • Judy Moody Predicts the Future

    Judy Moody Predicts the Future
    Judy Moody has found a mood ring amungst all her Corn Flakes. She is determend to be in a good mood but the mood ring is stubborn and says she is in a BAD mood. She decideds to become a predicter and predicts something that actually comes true. What can it be.
  • Danny the Champion of the World.

    Danny the Champion of the World.
    Danny and his father own a garage. The are poor but the have the most wonderful life anyone could ever ask for. I have read this book a million timnes and still love it. It shows the amaszing work of Roald Dahl and his amazing life.
  • Judy Moody, Around the World in Eight and a Half Days

    Judy Moody, Around the World in Eight  and a Half Days
    Judy has a new friend Amy Namey. They have lots in common the both love the first woman doctor they want to see the famous wall of gum. But Judys other friends, Rocky and Frank, get jelous. Will Judy lose her first friendship. Read to find out.
  • The Cosidine Curse

    The Cosidine Curse
    This is a gripping story about a young girl from australia that has no idea that she had family ,other than her mother hom she lives with, then finds out she has 7 cousins and uncles and aunts. whe they go over to england for her grandmothers funeral she uncovers an almighty secret about how and why her cousinsare so strange and why her mother split apart from the rest of her family. This book is for readers that like horror and mystry but also a little commedy and adventure.
  • Goodnight Mister Tom

    Goodnight Mister Tom
    Willy is a young boy evacuee who goes to live in the country with an old man that is called Tom Oakly he is a very lonely man and Willy is a very troubled boy but together they help each other and sovle there problems but when willy mad mother calls him back to London Mister Tom has to rescue him from his mothers insaine ways of life. this is a very sad story and may be quite desturbing to thoughs who don't know much about it. the talre is loverly and I enjoyed it very much.
  • the Thornthwaite Inheritance

    the Thornthwaite Inheritance
    This a mystery/ murder story and it is one of the best books I have read. I became hooked and I couldn't put it down. It has shprt chapters and they always leave you hanging and you want to read more and mor.
  • Nine Lives of Montezuma

    Nine Lives of Montezuma
    This book is an animal lovers book. This is my second time reading it and once again I have enjoyed it start to finish. It os about a boy who finds a kitten and keeps as his on the form a great friendship and go adventures together.
  • Harry potter and prisnor of askaban

    Harry potter and prisnor of askaban
  • northwood

    this is a great story about a girl who can speak to animals and a forest wich is forbiden .
  • BFG

  • war horse

    war horse
  • The thornthwaite

    The thornthwaite
  • Constable and Toop

    Constable and Toop
    this is a great mytery and thriller book. about the people who can see ghost and ghosts themselves and killers on the loose.
  • Small steps

    Small steps
  • Judy Moody Saves the World

    Judy Moody Saves the World
  • Skullduggery Pleasant Playing with Fire

    Skullduggery Pleasant Playing with Fire
  • Skullduggery Pleasant Dark Days

    Skullduggery Pleasant Dark Days
  • Skulduggery Pleasant.

    Skulduggery Pleasant.
  • Skulduggery Pleasant Faceless Ones

    Skulduggery Pleasant Faceless Ones