Иванов Алексей Викторович

  • Рождение

    Alexey Ivanov was born in 1969 in Gorky in a family of shipbuilding engineers.
  • Пермь

    In 1971 the Ivanov family moved to Perm. This city will become not only the place of residence of the future writer, but also the place of action of many of his works.
  • Екатеринбург

    In 1987, after graduating from school, Alexey Ivanov entered the Ural state University in the faculty of journalism, but soon throws it. Working as a caretaker, laboratory assistant, continues to live illegally in the dormitory. In 1990 Ivanov again entered the University on the faculty of art, where he received in 1996 the diploma of art historian.
  • Первое произведение

    «Охота на "Большую Медведицу“» -книга напечатана в 1990 году в журнале «Уральский следопыт» (Свердловск), тиражом около 500 тыс. экз.
  • Роман "Общага-на-крови"

    Роман "Общага-на-крови"
    В 1992 году Алексеем Ивановым написан роман «Общага-на-крови», в котором нашёл отражение жестокий опыт проживания в студенческом общежитии.Роман был опубликован в 2006 году.
    About the book: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Общага-на-Крови
  • Роман "The Geographer globe propyl"

    Роман "The Geographer globe propyl"
  • Возращение в Пермь

    After graduating from the University Ivanov returned to his hometown of Perm, working as a watchman, school teacher, journalist, guide-guide in the travel Agency, seriously interested in local lore. A special page in his biography while working in the club with adolescents in a native Kama (city of Perm).
  • Роман "Heart Of Parma"

    Роман "Heart Of Parma"
  • Лауреат

    The winner of the literary prize named after Mamin-Sibiryak
  • Премии в 2004 году

    prize «Эврика!» , «Старт» , prize имени P. P. Bazhov
  • Роман "The gold of the Rebellion"

    Роман "The gold of the Rebellion"
    The novel, which takes place in the Urals in poslepechatnoe time, and the plot is associated with the search of the treasure, is neither historical nor realistic, nor adventurous, nor fantasy, despite the presence of signs of each of these genres: "well, I have to agree with those who wrote about the uniqueness of the novel in modern literature?»
  • rewards 2006

    «Книга года», «Портал» и "The marble Faun»
  • "Fornication and MUDO"

    In 2007, he published another novel Ivanov on a contemporary theme with the provocative title "Fornication and MUDO" (the MUDO – municipal institution of additional education in a similar institution once worked as Ivanov himself).
  • Roman "Chronology from John"

    Roman "Chronology from John"
  • Reading order of books

    And to the question, in what sequence to read his books, he answers: "the Sequence I could call such ... for fans of a historical genre:" revolt Gold " - "Message: Chusovaya" - "heart of Parma". For fans of the modern novel: "Geographer globe drank" - "Fornication and MUDO"- "Hostel-on-Blood".
  • The Novel "The Pahlavi"

    The Novel "The Pahlavi"
    It's a book, surrounded by a halo of legends and mysteries, starting with the mysterious science of genderology and ending with the identity of the author - he thought at first, hiding under the pseudonym Mavrik, but the project rapidly outgrew the scope of privacy: by masterful plot moves and brilliant style and readers and critics easily recognized by Alexey Ivanov.
  • Again in Yekaterinburg

    There was a conflict with the Perm authorities, so the writer went to Yekaterinburg.
  • The Novel "Комьюнити"

    The Novel "Комьюнити"
    Top Manager Gleb methodically realizes his dream of a premium life. Prestigious and interesting work in the famous IT company, apartment in Moscow, a good car, a welcome woman, the best brands... "Man is his iPhone".
  • The Novel " Eburg"

    The Novel " Eburg"
    The city of Eburg is not on the map. In the Soviet Union was a closed industrial giant city of Sverdlovsk, in Russia it turned into a megacity of high – tech Ekaterinburg, and Eburg-an intermediate stage between the Soviet and Russian formations.
  • The Novel " Stormy Weather"

    The Novel " Stormy Weather"
    The novel is not about the money and not about crime, but about the bad weather in the soul. About the desperate search for reason why people need to trust the person in the world, the only predators, but without trust it is impossible to live.
  • Awards 2016

    In 2016, was awarded "book of the year" in the nomination "Prose of the year" for his novel "stormy weather", this novel was also included in the list of 11 finalists of the "Big book" in 2016
  • Roman"Вилы"

  • Roman"Tobol. Lots of names."

     Roman"Tobol. Lots of names."
    In the era of the great reforms of Peter the great "young Russia" began to boil even in darkest Siberia. The emerging Empire was crushed in the forest provincial middle ages. Nations and faith mixed up. All of them are together, clashing with each other or saving each other, did the fate of the Russian Asia. These burning subjects Alexey Ivanov put in a novel-peplum "Tobol". "Tobol. Many " - the first book of the novel.
  • Awards 2017

    In 2017, the novel" stormy weather" became a laureate of RF Government prize in the field of culture.
    On June 5, 2017 he was awarded the Platonov prize in literature and art (Voronezh region)
  • The last book of the"Tobol. Few are chosen»

    The last book of the"Tobol. Few are chosen»