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bioghapy of david almond Agustin silvestre 3ºB

  • Born

    David Almond was born in Newcastle
  • educated

    He was educated at the University of East Anglia and Newcastle Polytechnic
  • he moved to norfolk

    he worked as a teacher for five years before moving to a remote artists' commune in Norfolk to concentrate on his writing
  • he return tu newcastel

    He then returned to Newcastle, where he worked as a part-time Special Needs teacher and edited the literary fiction journal Panurge. He is an experienced creative writing teacher and has worked for the Arvon Foundation and for schools, colleges and universities and is in demand as a speaker at festivals and conferences around the world.
  • First book

    First book
    His first book, Sleepless Nights, a collection of short stories for adults, was published in 1985 and was followed in 1997 by a second volume, A Kind of Heaven
  • writed a new book: Sleepless Nights

    Sleepless Nights writed in 1985
  • Writed: A Kind of Heaven

     Writed: A Kind of Heaven
    A Kind of Heaven Iron Press, 1997
  • skellig

    His first children's novel, Skellig, the story of a strange, part-human 'creature' who transforms the lives of two young children forever, was published to immediate acclaim in 1998. The book won both the Carnegie Medal (1998) and the Whitbread Children's Book Award (1998).
  • Won three pirzes

    1998 Arts Council Writers' Award (for Literature for Young People) 1998 Carnegie Medal Skellig 1998 Whitbread Children's Book Award Skellig
  • Won a prize

    Won a prize
    He was given an Arts Council Writers' Award to work on Kit's Wilderness (1999), a teenage novel inspired by the author's childhood memories of disused mines. It was awarded a Nestlé Smarties Book Prize (Silver Award) and was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal (2000) and for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize.
  • won two prizes

    1999 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize (shortlist) Kit's Wilderness 1999 Nestlé Smarties Book Prize (Silver Award) Kit's Wilderness
  • writed book 1999

    Kit's Wilderness Hodder Children's Books, 1999
  • He won two writing prizes

    2000 Carnegie Medal (shortlist) Kit's Wilderness 2000 Whitbread Children's Book Award (shortlist) Heaven Eyes
  • writed a book Haven Eyes

    Heaven Eyes Hodder Children's Books, 2000
  • new book Counting Stars

    Counting Stars Hodder Children's Books, 2000
  • Secret Heart New book

    Secret Heart Hodder Children's Books, 2001
  • he wone two prizes

    2001 Carnegie Medal (shortlist) Heaven Eyes 2001 Michael L. Printz Award (USA) Kit's Wilderness
  • new book

    Wild Girl, Wild Boy: A Play Hodder Children's Books, 2002
  • He writed Where Your Wings Were

    Where Your Wings Were Hodder Children's Books, 2002
  • skellig: A play book

    Skellig: A Play Hodder Children's Books, 2002
  • HE writed The Fire-Eaters

    The Fire-Eaters Hodder Children's Books, 2003
  • HE won five pirzes

    2003 Carnegie Medal (shortlist) The Fire Eaters 2003 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize (shortlist) The Fire Eaters 2003 Nestlé Smarties Book Prize (shortlist) The Fire Eaters 2003 Nestlé Smarties Book Prize (Gold Award) The Fire Eaters 2003 Whitbread Children's Book Award The Fire Eaters
  • Won only one prizes

    2004 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award (USA) The Fire Eaters
  • Kate, the Cat and the Moon BOOK

    Kate, the Cat and the Moon Hodder Children's Books, 2004
  • he won two prizes

    2004 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award (USA) The Fire Eaters
  • NEW book CLAY

    Clay Hodder Children's Books, 2005
  • Click the new book

    Click (contributor) Scholastic, 2007
  • My Dad's a Birdman BOOK 2007

    My Dad's a Birdman (illustrated by Polly Dunbar) Walker, 2007
  • Writed two books

    Jackdaw Summer Hodder Children's Books, 2008 The Savage (illustrated by Dave McKean) Walker, 2008
  • BOOK: Slog's Dad

    Slog's Dad (illustrated by Dave McKean) Walker, 2009
  • WON two PRIZES

    2010 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (Sweden) (Sweden) (shortlist) 2010 Hans Christian Andersen Award
  • BOOK: writed two books

    My Name is Mina Hodder Children's Books, 2010 The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon (illustrated by Polly Dunbar) Walker, 2010
  • he won two prizes

    2007 Carnegie of Carnegies (shortlist) Skellig 2007 National Short Story Competition (shortlist - 'Slog's Dad')