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My Writing and Reading Life

  • Born on this day!

    Born on this day!
    On June 6, 1980 I entered this world.
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    My Early Years of Literacy

    Once Upon a Time... “Once upon a time …” is the phrase that began my love of reading and initially sparked my interest in writing. I can remember many nights my sister and I would anxiously wait for our dad to come in our room and read to us. It was then we would begin our fantasy journey, often into Narnia. “Dad, read again about how Lucy steps through the wardrobe. I love that part!”
  • Early Memories of Literacy

    Early Memories of Literacy
    My sisters and I were the daughters of an elementry school teacher so you can imagine how eager my mom was to read and teach us to read at such an early age. Before I entered school, I had a good reading vocabulary and could read basic sight words and early reader books. Looking back now, I am very thankful that my mom valued education especially literacy.
  • My First day of Kindergarten!

    My First day of Kindergarten!
    Today was my first day of school. Here I come!
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    My Elementary School Years

    I can remember reading and writing being very enjoyable. I loved all the Clfford, Berenstein Bears, Miss Nelson, and Amelia Bedilia Books. In fact, I can remember moments of reading time in elementary school where we would all gather on the carpet and listen to the teacher read. I can also remember show and tell days where we would all bring our favorite book to share with the class. I have many fond memories of reading in elementary school which I can only thank my elementary teachers for that!
  • My Early Reading and Writing Days

    My Early Reading and Writing Days
    The Narnia books by C.S. Lewis were our favorites. Each night my father would read a chapter or two of the books. Those nights helped to foster my love of reading , which continues to this day. What also came out of those “Narnia nights” was a girl who wanted to write just like C.S. Lewis and to create a magical place that all children would want to visit.
  • My Early Reading and Writing Days

    My Early Reading and Writing Days
    As a young girl, I can remember having such an urge to create and write stories. My stories were about princesses and princes, monsters, and white witches that were all eventually captured and taught a lesson by a fierce, strong lion. Clearly, I mimicked many of C.S. Lewis’s stories and characters; but they were my own stories with a funny or crazy twist.I was always so proud of my books. I used to think, “I am just like C.S. Lewis!” I would then show them to, and read to, whoever would listen.
  • Favorite Books

    Favorite Books
    Reading was one of my favorite pastimes. Some of my favorites books were Amelia Bedelia, Miss Nelson, Berenstein Bears, Clifford, and all of Mercer May's Critter books. My elementary teachers were some of the best reading teahers. Their excitement about reading wanted me to read even more. Clearly, teachers have the power to influence and motivate children to enjoy reading. That is exactly what my 1st and 2nd grade teachers did. I cannot be more thankful!
  • Book- It to Reading! Thanks Pizza Hut!

    Book- It to Reading! Thanks Pizza Hut!
    One of my most fondest memories of reading was the "Book-it to Reading" reading contests that Pizza Hut sponsored. Pizza Hut awarded students who read a certain amount of books each month. They awarded students with a free personal pan pizza. My motivation to read was to win that pizza each month (and I usually did). Through reading so much I became so much better and read all different kinds of books. It was such a treat to go to Pizza Hut with my family and get that personal pizza.
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    My Middle School Years

    Middle school was such a whirlwind full of fun, laughter, and drama! To be a middle schooler again....NO Thanks! But, I love teaching these kiddos everyday! I enjoyed both reading and writing during these years.
  • Write All About it!!

    Write All About it!!
    The years between my 5th and 6th grade years, I became the little writer. I can remember getting my first personal diary that came with a lock and key. I can remember writing everyday in that diary. It was definitely an outlet for my thoughts. In addtiion to writing, my love of scrapbooking evolved. I have some of the cutest middle school scrapbooks and diaries that have a middle schoolers personal touch. They are currently tucked away in boxes but filled with many middle school memories.
  • Dear Gulf Solider,....

    Dear Gulf Solider,....
    One of the most fondest memories of writing was actually writing letters and mailing them. I used to spend my allowances on stickers and stationary. During the Gulf War, I used to write letters to all the soliders. In fact, many wrote me back! I also wrote to many of my distant aunts and uncles. I also had a pen pal in England. Now, the classic letter has been replaced by texting and e-mail. But, I still send cards and letters to families and friends by snail mail when I can.
  • Contest Poem Winner!

    Contest Poem Winner!
    In 6th grade, I entered a poem contest to read my poem at the Veteran's Day Assembly. And, I won! I read my poem along with three other students. Writing for me was such an outlet. I cannot express how much I loved it. I loved writing and using the vocabulary I learned from reading and school.
  • YSU English Festival Winner x Two!

    YSU English Festival Winner x Two!
    In 7th grade, I was nomintated to attend the YSU Festival. I had to read several novels and write about them. My language arts teacher nominted me to attend. It was held at a local college campus. I was the representative from our school. I competed again other middle schoolers in my knowledge and understanding about the books we read. I also attended this my 8th grade year. It was a fun reading experience!
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    My Junior High School Years

    My junior high years consisted of 7th and 8th grade. Generally, I still enjoyed reading and writing. I can remember my 7th grade reading and langauage arts teacher Mrs. Robinson. She was very eccentric and quirky. She always had some of the coolest reading assignments and class projects. She was one of those teachers that loved what she did and it showed. She was such an amazing person, too! If I ever became a teacher....that was who I wanted to be like! I hope I make her proud now! :)
  • Entered High School -- Freshman Year!

    Entered High School -- Freshman Year!
    High school began my dislike of writing. Standardized testing was becoming more rigorious and scripted. Writing was becoming very fomulaic. Creativity wasn't wanted. I started to struggle with this kind of writing. Therefore, I wrote less and writing wasn't as fun or meaningful as it once was.
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    My High School Years

    My high school years began my dislike for writing. Writing in school was very much like drill and kill. It was very scripted, non-creative, and a tedious activity. I was the girl who loved to write and quickly became to despise it! I had a very hard time writing to the prompts and meeting the timed requirements.
  • Hola! Coma Esta?

    Hola! Coma Esta?
    One of my electives was Spanish. We were required to take a foreign language in high school. We had the options of either Spanish or French. For the most part, I was able to pick up Spanish rather quickly. In the beginning, it was actually pretty fun to learn. It was fun exploring a new language and a new culture. I ended up taking two years of Spanish in high school.
  • More Social = Less Reading

    More Social =  Less Reading
    High school was full of fun and I was a social butterfly. I was invloved in everything I could be in! With that, my reading for leisure was replaced by friends, clubs, and sports. I still liked reading and was able to do very well in my academics it just wasn't as important or urgent in my life anymore. The passion for reading was replaced by other outside social activities.
  • Yearbook Assistant!

    Yearbook Assistant!
    While in high school, I was very social and wanted to be a part of everything. I joined the yearbook staff and found a new way to use my talents of scrapbooking and writing together. It was such a great outllet for me that when I was a senior I became the editor of the yearbook!
  • Camera! Lights! Action!

    Camera! Lights! Action!
    Yes, I hated writing timed essays but I found a new kind of writing that I was good at! I was one of the news team anchors for our school weekly news. I have to admit I had a knack to write news scripts. It was creative, fun, and a way to express myself through writing. I was on our school's news team throughout high school and loved it! Ok, so maybe I didn't completely despise writing.
  • Graduated from High School!

    Graduated from High School!
    Yahoo! I graduated with honors and was accepted into Kent State University. I did it! I made it through! I know most people hate high school but I found ways to enjoy it and make the best of it. It wasn't all roses but I learned a lot about myself and grew from my experiences. College, Here I come!
  • Freshman In College

    Freshman In College
    I entered college in 1999. My first year of college was a struggle in terms of time management, studying, and getting used to large class sizes. I came from a small school where class sizes were small and it was a challenge getting used to lecture style teaching. Overall, I did do very well my first semester. It was just an adjustment.
  • Writing becomes a struggle!

    Writing becomes a struggle!
    During college, writing became a real struggle for me. I had a hard time crafting academic essays. Most of my class assignments were to write essays. Writing consumed me in college and it wasn't something I found easy to do. In fact most of college, I felt writing was a struggle for me. On the other hand, reading was still something that I enjoyed and could do easily. Despite the reading material, I read with ease. I never felt reading was a struggle like writing was for me.
  • Graduated from College

    Graduated from College
    I graduated college with a degree in secondary education in language arts and reading. I wanted to be a teacher like my 7th grade teacher Mrs. Robinson who taught with a passion for both reading and writing. I wanted to enstill and ignite that same passion to my students. I know for most of college writing was a struggle and something I grew to hate but as a teacher I want to ignite a passion for writing that is purposeful, exciting, and engaging for all students.
  • 1st Year Teaching!

    1st Year Teaching!