My Reading Log

By mouseme
  • PONIES! Magazine Autumn 2014

    PONIES! Magazine Autumn 2014
    These are my favourite magazines! I get them every season, when each one comes out! They're filled with quizes and infomation on ponies! Theres also loads of contests, my sister has won a colouring conest and I've won (Actually, my cat did) the pet competition, I got a orange and yellow rosette! I suggest this magazine to anyone who loves horses and ponies!
  • Horse & Pony Encylopepia

    Horse & Pony Encylopepia
    This book is All about horse and ponies! It tells you about all the breeds, how to ride and care for a pony and so much more! It's one of the best books about ponies I've ever read.
  • The Saddle Club: Trail Mates & Dude Ranch

    The Saddle Club: Trail Mates & Dude Ranch
    Trail Mates was about Stevie trying to save up to go on Pine Hollow Stables' trail ride. Stevie tries to save up on her own. Stevie tries doing jobs for people, but she gets her brothers to do them and she still has to pay them. When Carole and Lisa step in to help, they find a graph! The maths is done. Dude Ranch is when Carole, Lisa and Stevie go to America to see their old friend, Kate, who is the western girl of the Saddle Club. Stevie think they've forgotten her birthday, but they haven't!
  • The Saddle Club: Horse Play

    The Saddle Club: Horse Play
    I really liked this book becuase it shows that no matter how hard your problems are, they can be fixed!
    In this book Stevie, Lisa and Carole put together a team performance, a drill routine. But when they ask Max, their riding instructor, he can't allow them becuase a famous rider is coming at the same time on the same day to perform her tricks! So they have to make it all into one show, and Stevie uses a trick that really gets the audience watching!
  • How To... Horse Riding

    How To... Horse Riding
    This book has really helped me with my riding skills and I would recommend this book to any rider!
  • The Saddle Club: Horse Show

    The Saddle Club: Horse Show
    This book was fun and exciting, but could also be sad - mainly when Dorothy DeSoto got hurt in a big competition! I would recommend this to any horse crazy person.
  • Trojan Horse The Fall of Troy; I Greek Myth

    Trojan Horse The Fall of Troy; I Greek Myth
    I found this interesting but slightly weird. The Trojan Horse is a wooden horse statue which was made into a Greek Myth, this book tells the story!
  • Starring Jules: In Drama-Rama

    Starring Jules: In Drama-Rama
    I finished this book about a girl called jules who's in year 2 at school and loves drama! I boy whos meant to be in the same movie breaks his leg, so Jules has to be in another movie! This book is great!
  • The Saddle Club: Carole, The Inside Story

    The Saddle Club: Carole, The Inside Story
    This book has GOT to be my favourite Saddle Club book, infact, my favourite book EVER! I like how in the book it's her old diary, her friends' emails, her friends' letters, Carole's riding stories and even mini newspaper articles! It's loads of fun to read, I recommend this to ANYONE!!
  • Horse Mad 2

    Horse Mad 2
    Really cool book, the end is always exciting!
  • Tilly's Pony Tails: Royal Flame

    Tilly's Pony Tails: Royal Flame
    A party at the stables goes horribly wrong and the stables are set alight. Royal Flame shows how responsible he is, I recommend this to anyone!
  • Tilly's Pony Tails: Free Spirit

    Tilly's Pony Tails: Free Spirit
    Tilly meets Cheif Four Paws and his horse, Free Spirit. Her horsehair bracelet is fixed, but will Pride and Joy win? Awesome book!
  • Suprises acording to Humphrey

    Suprises acording to Humphrey
    Best Humphery book yet!
  • School acording to Humphery

    School acording to Humphery
    Makes school sound cool :)
  • Friendship acording to Humphery

    Friendship acording to Humphery
    Humphery is really good at making friends!
  • Ripple

    Suzy helps out with a curly horse, although she's allergic to horses, curly horses don't affect your allergies! At the auction, Suzy's Dad doesn't turn up, and Ripple is sold to another bidder. When her friends' horses turn up at home, an extra, suprise horse is also being delivered, is it hers?
  • Mariella Mystery: The Huge Hair Scare

    Mariella Mystery: The Huge Hair Scare
    It was really funny, it's one of my favourite books. I love the series!
  • Mariella Mystery: A Cupcake Conundrum

    Mariella Mystery: A Cupcake Conundrum
    Super fun, although it's a pity Violet doesn't win.
  • Daisy and The Trouble with Maggots

    Daisy and The Trouble with Maggots
    It was really funny - mainly the end! I'd recommend this to anyone!
  • Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: Pippin

    Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: Pippin
    It's really cool, but sad in some parts, too.
  • Warriors: Into the Wild

    Warriors: Into the Wild
    Firepaw enters the outside world of cats and joins ThunderClan. This book was so good that now I can't stop reading the series!
  • Warriors: Fire and Ice

    Warriors: Fire and Ice
    Firepaw becomes Fireheart and is now a warrior. He's sure Tigerclaw is up to something. Super exciting, like all the books are!
  • Warriors: Forest of Secrets

    Warriors: Forest of Secrets
    All Clans are holding secrets, but ThunderClan holds the most. When will they be uncovered, and who will uncover them? Super enjoyable, like always.
  • Warriors: Rising Storm

    Warriors: Rising Storm
    Most secrets have been uncovered, but will this cause a fight between clans?
  • Warriors: A Dangerous Path

    Warriors: A Dangerous Path
    I love how this book ends, it's so cool like the whole series!
  • Warriors: The Darkest Hour

    Warriors: The Darkest Hour
    Finially Tigerstar is dead, but will BloodClan rule the forest?!
  • The New Prohecy Warriors: Midnight

    The New Prohecy Warriors: Midnight
    Super exciting, and funny to find out that Midnight is a badger! Really well written.
  • Warriors: Moonrise

    Warriors: Moonrise
    Aawesome book
  • Warriors: Dawn

    Warriors: Dawn
    I like how they end up deciding to leave the forest.
  • Lucky Leopards

    Lucky Leopards
    (sorry for not updating timetoast) This book is different animal stories but I've only read Lucky Leopards. It's about rescuing two leopards.