Reading Log 2013

  • 13 Story Treehouse

    13 Story Treehouse
  • Chrlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Matilda

  • Four Mice Deep in The Jungle

  • Diamond Girls

  • Mysterious Cheese Theif

  • Jelly Mountain

  • Wedding Crasher

  • Fig Tree

  • Down out down under

  • Thea Stilton and The Dragons Code

  • Nest For Celeste

  • Valley Of The Giant Skeletons

  • A Famouse School Advendore

  • The Temple of The Ruby of Fire

  • Geronimos Valentine

  • The Great Diamond Robbery

  • The magic folk collection

    The magic folk collection
    This book has 530 pages = 3 book
  • The 13 Story Tree House

    The 13 Story Tree House
    This book is very advendrous and in each chapter there is a funny little storeys that in the end all join up together.I would recomend this book for 8 year olds - 12 year olds.It's about these boys one of them is called andy and they live in a 13 storey treehouse and they are autuors and illistraters. But they are struggiling to get there book done because they keep getting interuppted
  • four mice deep in the jungle

    four mice deep in the jungle
    Four mice deep in the jungle is about a mouse who gets pushed to go to a camp for a week. When he's there a lady mouse is in charge and she's really strict. During the book he comes acroos big spiders, having to climb up a massive tree and getting left alone to try and find his way back to camp.
  • 26 storey treehouse

    26 storey treehouse
    This book follow's on from the other book of the series(13 storey treehouse).It has alot of adventoures included in the book. Such as being stranded on an ice berg. And trying to wash dirty underpants in a man eating shark tank! I would reccomend this book and aslo the 13 storey tree house for 10 and up it is very advendrous and funny!!
  • Singing Sensation

    Singing Sensation
    This book is all about a mouse that gets pushed into going on mouse island idol. When he finally gets to a big sky scraper and in there, there is a recording studio and the producers make him sing a song and he finds out that he is actually really good. On the day of his audition he gets really nervous and has to bike 150 miles to get to Mouse Island. Once he gets on stage he takes awhile to start and in the end his cd gets pirated by a cat called Pussycat Pulverizer (P.P)…… If you want to find
  • The Christmas Toy Factory!

    The Christmas Toy Factory!
    This book is all about christmas. When it's the day before christmas (christmas eve).All of new mouse city is planning christmas party's but Geronimo is stuck in his office trying to finish off his work . He worked and worked until he fell asleep on his office desk by the window. That night he had a dream that an elf called Ding-Dong knocked on his window and told him that santa needed him! I cant fit any more, if you do want to read this book I would reccomend it! It's a great christmas story!
  • Thea Stiltonand the Mystery in Paris

    Thea Stiltonand the Mystery in Paris
    This book is about 5 mice who meet a mouse called julie who goes and desgins dress and clothes at an acadamy. It was 4 days before the fashion show which was held under the efial tower. The next day her desgins get stolen and it's up to the thea sister to solve the mystery.....
  • Georges Marvoulous Medicine

    Georges Marvoulous Medicine
    This book is about a 8 year old boy called george. One day his mother and father went out for the day. George had to look after his grandma. His grandma has to have medicne during the day. His grandma is allways against him and blames him for everything. So he decided to give her her own medicine. So he grabs a big pot out of the kitchen and puts in all the stuff he can find including animal pills, brown paint and shaving cream. When it was grandmas time for he to have her medicine george gives
  • Esio Trot

    Esio Trot
    This book is about an old man called mr hoppy who lives alone in an arpartment above a lady that he likes but she loves her pet turtle. The lady that lives down stairs wants her turtle to grow bigger, So mr Hoppy gets right to it.....
  • Run For The Hills, Geronimo!

    Run For The Hills,  Geronimo!
    This book is about a mouse called Geronimo who just wants go go away from work on a RELAXING holiday. once he arrives at the airport he finds that his first class plane ride was cancelled and he was put on a polane called dirt cheap airlines. Then he realises that his family are all on board to!. When they land geronimos brother (trap) found a treasure map in the bin so they go looking for treasure. At the end of the book they realise that the treasure map was just a flyer .....
  • The Wedding Crasher

    The Wedding Crasher
    This book is about Geronimo stilton and his family get invited to a wedding at a srungy castle. Geronimos Uncle cheapskates is very CHEAP! So for lunch the get a banana peel and for dinner they get a brusselsprout! Uncle Cheapskates is too cheap to even buy good food. Patience is getting married she is poor and an orphan but before her parents died they were rich and had a treasure. So Stevie is getting married to her just for the money. It turns out the uncle Cheapskates is only lieing....
  • The Lost Treasure Of The Emerald Eye

    The Lost Treasure Of The Emerald Eye
    This book is about a mouse who goes for a trip on a boat to an island that he camps at with his family in search for the treaure. They then realise that there is a resort on the other side of the island and they had been on a boat for a month and stayed and built shelter on land
  • clean break

    clean break
    =2 books 301
  • Term 3 Books Onwards

  • Wadeside School is falling down

    Wadeside School is falling down
    This book has 179 pages. It is based on a 2o storey school and on a caotic class on the 18th story. No one goes up in the 19th story because it isn't there until one day a little girl goes in there and she can't get out they do not have recess or breaks and learn 24/7. The main teacher in the story is Miss.Jewels and all the children love her. The book has alot of chapter with little stories but they link back to Miss.Jewels class and her students.
  • The werepuppy

    The werepuppy
    This book is about a little boy who stays home with his sisters why his parents go out for dinner.While they are out the little boys sisters make him watch a scary werewolf the next day his mum get him to get a pet dog because he has got a fear of werewolfs. The whole time he was frightend and din't even want to go inside the dog shop. Once he finally gets in this dog bites his little sister marigolds finger. But the dog is really nice to him so he convinces his parents to keep it
  • Wadeside School Gets A Little Stranger

    Wadeside School Gets A Little Stranger
    this bookhas a lot of little stories or chapters linking to a very very tall 19 story school. This book is mainly about a teacher (Mrs.Jewels) is going to have a baby so they need a substitute teacher and the first on is horrible and the second one has 3 ears (one on the top of her head) that can read or listen to the students minds so when they marked there homework when she said question 1 she read each students mind and looked for the one with the wrong answer. They had to do it for homework!
  • Rainbow Street Pets

    2 books
    It has 6 books in 1
  • Term 4


    This book is about a little girl (matilda) who lives with her really mean parents. She is very smart and loves to read. But her parents dont encourage her to read. She goes to school wth a really nice teacher (Miss.Honey). She finds out that her princeable is really mean and hates children but is Miss.Honeys Aunt. She also finds she has a special power that she can move stuff with her eyes. She loves miss.honey so she wants to go live with her because her parents are really mean they want to go
  • Charlie and The chocolate Factory

    This book is about a poor family who's grandparents live with them. Charlie gets an chance to get a golden ticket if he finds one. He ends up finding one and goes to the factory. Then he goes to all these special rooms and at the end he is the only child left so he has the option to live there but leave his family. He says no.
  • Four children and It-Jaquline Wilson

  • Twilight

    This book is about a girl bella who moves to live with her father she goes to a new school and meets a vampire called edward