Twisted Sister

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  • Beginning

    Birth of the group in New York, previously the band was called "Silverstar " and in 1973 I took the name of "Twisted Sister "
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    Change of vocalist and gender

    Dee Snider joined the band in 1976 as lead vocalist and the group took a more metallic direction with their own themes were shaping the group
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    Launching of the first single

    In 1979 and in 1980 released their first and second single respectively but no label wanted to record
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    Open new Orizontes

    In 1982 on the suggestion of some reporters went to the UK to find contracts with a label, finding a small label that was dedicated to punk music took their first EP (small disc) followed by its first LP (long disc)
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    You can´t stop Rock ´n Roll

    They changed their look for a more grotesque and aggressive, now they looked more ironworkers. After his appearance in a television program several labels were offered to get his LP. They got international fame with their third LP.
  • Period: to

    Fourth LP and separating

    In 1985 the band launched their fourth LP but this did not have the success of its predecesor, From there they had several tours, until at the end of 1987 the band was separated. News that was only known until 1988.