Twinkle Timeline

  • Petitioner & Respondent Separate

    Petitioner & Respondent Separate.
    Respondent & Girls move out of Midvale home
  • Period: to

    Petitioner - No Visitation

    Petitioner leaves on 6 week tour
    does not wish holiday visitation
    does not see girls until Jan 7, 2008
  • Parenting Plan & Visitation

    Petitioner & Respondent meet, agree visitation & parenting plan with step up based on Petitioner living arrangements, Petitioner begins visitation at request of Respondent Visitation: Petitioner 40, Respondent 60
  • Period: to

    Visitation: P (35), R (65)

  • Petitioner files Summons

    Petitioner obtains counsel & files Summons
  • Ex Parte Hearing

    Ex parte hearing about Lula running away, Custody evaluation orderedDCFS & Police investigation completed, report unfounded
  • Halperin Custody Evaluation Report

    Custody evaluation report submittedVisitation remains at P (35), R (65) while OSC continued
  • Respondent loses job

    Respondent loses her job of 5+ years with Orion Health, freelances for next 9 monthsVisitation remains at P (40, R (60) while OSC continued
  • Respondent Deposition

    Respondent deposedTemporary Custody Settlement at deposition for P(40), R(60)
  • Respondent moves to Ohio

    Respondent moves to Ohio, discussed settlement offers go unsignedOSC regarding Child Custody Evaluation moved to Jan 2010Visitation: P(80), R(20)
  • Period: to

    Visitation: P(80),R (20)

    Respondent living in Ohio
  • Respondent changes attorney

    Respondent change of attorney (to self)
  • Respondent begins plans to return to CA

    works with her boss to finish role and find replacement, begins search
  • Global Settlement Agreement Reached

    Global settlement reached
    was required to have summer visitation
  • Petitioner begins dating Ms Holdorff

    Petitioner begins dating Cindy Holdorff
  • Respondent Returns to CA

    Respondent gains employment with Astera, returns to CA, housesittingPetitioner tells Respondent can have girls, but only if does not modifyVisitation increases: P (70), R (30)
  • Period: to

    Visitation: P (75), R (25)

    Petitioner, after saying R could see children more, said she had to earn it
  • Period: to

    Girls with Respondent

    travel to PA for holidays with family
  • Marriage Dissolution

  • Period: to

    Visitation: P (60, R (40)

    Respondent gives Petitioner more time, provided she not notify court
  • Respondent moves, Visitation increases

    Respondent moves into new CA homePetitioner virtually living with Ms. HoldorffVisitation becomes: P (60), R (40)
  • Respondent layed off

    Respondent loses employment with Astera
  • Respondent Cohabitates with Robert May

    Respondent moves in with Robert May, Larger home to accommodate children
  • Petitioner moves, Resp. consulting

    Petitioner moves in with Ms. Holdorff Respondent begins consulting for company she joins in Oct
  • Respondent OSC filed

    After several requests to meet and discuss modification, Respondent files OSC
  • Period: to

    R prohibits Visitation

    Petitioner enforces 12/27/2010 court order re: custody & visitation Which states Respondent lives in OhioRespondent does not see children for one month
  • Period: to

    Visitation: P (60) R (40)

    agreement with meet & confer for step-up
  • Period: to

    Visitation: P (60), R (40)

    slightly less, but 40% agreed upon, step up plan never agreed
  • Respondent Employed, Therapy Begins

    Court Order filed, Child Therapy beginsRespondent employed by PingarVisitation: P (65), R (35) with meet & confer for step-up
  • Respondent marries

    Respond marries Robert May
  • Meet & Confer Requested

    Meet & confer for step-up requested
  • Meet & confer for step-up re-requested

    Meet & confer for step-up re-requested
  • OSC hearing re:Halperin report

    OSC hearing re: Halperin custody evaluationPotential move away. Judge Lewis recommends new evaluation, split equally in cost
  • OSC Re:Support