Hot air balloon

Twenty One Balloons-Pearl

  • The "Globe" was finished

    The "Globe" was finished
    The Higgins Balloon Factory finished Professor Sherman's balloon. (page 44)
  • President Came

    President Came
    The President came and brought Pr. Sherman to San Fransico on the presidential train. (page 16)
  • Professor Sherman Leaves Sanfransico

    Professor Sherman Leaves Sanfransico
    2:30 pm Professor Sherman left San Fransisco. (pages 9, 45, and 29)
  • Garbage stinks

    Garbage stinks
    The garbage started to smell on the "Globe". (page 50)
  • Perfect Day

    Perfect Day
    Pro. Sherman thought it was a perfect day for a swim. (page 52)
  • Pro. Sherman sights land

    Pro. Sherman sights land
    Pro. Sherman sees land from his balloon. (page 52)
  • Pro. Crashes on Krak.

    Pro. Crashes on Krak.
    Professor Sherman crashed on Krakatoa. (page 52)
  • Swimming with Mr.F #2

    Swimming with Mr.F #2
    The second day of swimming on Krakatoa with Mr.F. (page 155)
  • Mr. F finds Pro.

    Mr. F finds Pro.
    Mr. F finds Professor Sherman on the shores of Krakatoa. (page 61)
  • Pro. Wakes at...

    Pro. Wakes at...
    Professor Sherman Wakes up in Mr. F's house. (page 77)
  • Explsion #2

    Explsion #2
    Krakatoa blew up for a second time. (page 166)
  • Everyone Left Krak.

    Everyone Left Krak.
    The Krakatoans and Professor Sherman leave the island of Krakatoa. (page 165)
  • Traveled with Black Cloud

    Traveled with Black Cloud
    Professor Sherman and the Krakatoans traveled on the balloon platform with a black cloud of smoke. (page 168)
  • Flew over Java

    Flew over Java
    Krakatoans and Pro. Sherman fly over Java. (page 168)
  • Flew over Java #2

    Flew over Java #2
    Krakatoans and Pro. Sherman spotted Java for a second time and noticed they were getting close to land. (page 171)
  • Spotted India

    Spotted India
    The Krakatoans and Pro. Sherman spotted India and everyone except for the F family and Pro. Sherman jumped off of the platform with their parachutes. (page 171)
  • The F's Leave

    The F's Leave
    The F's and Pro. Sherman spot water and the F family jumps off the platform. (page 175)
  • The F's and Pro. Sherman.....

    The F's  and Pro. Sherman.....
    The F family and Professor Sherman spend nine days together, August 28 through September 6, surviving off of gouda and bread. (page 172,179)
  • Found in the Atlantic

    Found in the Atlantic
    Professor Sherman is found in the Atlanic Ocean, 60 degrees and w.long. 17 degrees. (page 12)
  • Pro. Sherman got telagram.

    Pro. Sherman got telagram.
    Professor Sherman got a telagram from the presidential secratary. (page 17)
  • Mayor gives key.....

    Mayor gives key.....
    The Mayor of New York gives Professor Sherman the key to the city to try to bribe him to tell his adventurous story
  • Cupola Rose

    Cupola Rose
    The cupola rose off the Western American Explorer's Club. (page 24)
  • Murray Hill Hotel

    Murray Hill Hotel
    Professor Sherman arrives at the Murray hill hotel. (page 17)
  • Fish boat spotted

    Fish boat spotted
    Small Japenese fish boat spotted. (page 55)
  • Presidential Train

    Presidential Train
    The Presidential train was spotted from San Fransico. (page 31)
  • Pro. Sherman Gives his speech

    Pro. Sherman Gives his speech
    Professor Sherman gave his speech to the Kratoans. (page 158)
  • WAEC Honors Pro. Sherman

    WAEC Honors Pro. Sherman
    The Western American Explorers Club honors Professor Sherman. (page 9)