Twentieth Century 1930-2000: Impressionism, Expressionism, Primitivism, Pierrot lunair, Jazz, Scat singing, Blues, Swing, Bebop, Rock and Roll

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In Music
  • Period: to

    Eugene Paul Gaugin

    Primitivist painter
  • Period: to

    John Philip Sousa

    marches, failed opera composer
  • Period: to

    Scott Joplin

    king of ragtime, American composer
  • Period: to

    Arnold Schonberg

    admired by Brahms, atonal 1907-9
  • Period: to

    Charles Ives

    polytonality, insurance agent
  • Phonograph invented

    invented by Thomas Edison, first to reproduce recorded sound
  • Period: to

    Igor Stravinski

    rhythmically complex, numerologist
  • Period: to

    Nadia Boulanger

    taught composers in France
  • Period: to

    Sergei Prokofiev

    Russian, North American imported music
  • Period: to

    Darius Milhaud

    France, Debussy
  • Radio invented

    invented by Gugielmo Marconi, an Italian inventor
  • Period: to

    William Grant Still

    black composer, Harlem renaissance
  • Period: to

    Henry Cowell

    John Cage's teacher, coined "tone cluster"
  • Period: to

    George Gershwin

    American musicals, Broadway
  • Period: to

    Duke Ellington

    Take the A Train, lived in segregated era
  • Period: to

    Aaron Copland

    tonal, ballets
  • Period: to

    Louis Armstrong

    scat singer
  • Period: to

    Elliott Carter

    American composer, gave an interview at 100 years old
  • Period: to

    World War I

    Originated in Europe, lasted four years
  • Period: to

    Billie Holiday

    Billie's blues, jazz, one of first black people to sing with a white band
  • Period: to

    Billy Strayhorn

    Bebop music, wrote lots of unknown works
  • Period: to

    Leonard Bernstein

    composer, musicals, bisexual
  • Period: to

    Les Six

    Auric, Aurey, Honegger, Milhaud, Poulenc, Tailleferre
  • TV invented

    invented by Philo Taylor at 21
  • Period: to

    World War II

    included all of the great powers, caused the baby boom after the war