Timeline 6 Twentieth Century (1930-2000)

By Nat.DH
  • Period: to

    John Philip Sousa

    -Bandmaster, known for marches
    -Promoted the American Wind-Band tradition in American and Europe
  • Period: to

    Arnold Schoenberg

    -Austrian Composer, theorist, and painter
    -Admired Brahms
    -Went Atonal circa 1907
  • Period: to

    Charles Ives

    -One of the most innovative and original composition
    -Ives style traits- Polytonality, Polyrhythms, Polymeter, Limited atonality
  • Period: to

    Anton Webern

    -Part of the Second Vinnese School
  • Period: to

    Igor Stravinsky

    -Russian Composer, musical style changed overtime
    -The Rite of Springs, Firebird
  • Period: to

    Robert Nathaniel Dett

    -Canadian American composer, pianist, and help find the National Association of Negro Muscians NANM
  • Period: to

    Luigi Russolo

    -Italian futurist, painter, composer, builder of experimental musical intruments wrote a creed or manifesto titled " The Art of Noises"
  • Period: to

    Florence Price

    -First Black Female composer to have a symphony performed by American Orchestral Symphony No.1 in E minor
  • Period: to

    Nadia Boulanger

    -Taught practically all 20th Century execpt George Gershwin
  • Period: to

    Sergi Prokofied

    -Russian Composer; orchestral pieces, piano works, and film music "Peter and The Wolf" 1936
  • Period: to

    William Grant Still

    -First balck american composer to have a major symphony and opera performed by a major ensemble 1931, 1936
    -First Black american to conduct a major symphony orchestra 1936
  • Period: to

    Henry D. Cowell

    -John Cage's teacher
    -American composer, innovator, teacher
    -Supported Charles Ives
    -Invented new techniques for piano
  • Period: to

    Federico Garcia Lorca

    -Spanish Poet
  • Period: to

    Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington

    -American Composer and pianist
  • Period: to

    Aaron Copland

    -Composer, teacher, critic, conductor,
    -Taught at Harvard and gave lectures
    -Style of music- Vigorou, tonal, transparent
  • Period: to

    Elliot Carter

    -American Composer
    -Influential as a teacher and as a composer for 50 years
  • Period: to

    Oliver Messiaen

    -French Composer
    -Incorporatedbird songs into his music
  • Period: to

    John Cage

    -American Composer, theorist, and philosopher
    -He invented prepare piano
  • Period: to

    Billie Holiday

    -Her real name is Eleanora Fagan
    -American Jazz and Swing singer
    -Known for being a lead Jazz singer
  • Period: to

    Billy Strayhorn

    -American Jazz Composer
    -Collaborated with Duke Ellington
  • Period: to

    Milton Babbitt

    -American Composer & Pianist
    -Known for Electronic Music
  • Period: to

    Leonard Berstein

    -American composer, conductor, music educator
  • Period: to

    Gyorgy Legeti

    -Hungarian Austrian Composer of contemporary classical music
  • Period: to

    Luciano Berio

    -Italian Composer
    -Known for electronic music
    -Established the electronic studio in Milan
  • Period: to

    Pierre Boulez

    -French Composer
    -Dominant figure of the Post-War classical music world
  • Period: to

    Karlheinz Stockhausen

    -German Composer
  • Period: to

    George Crumb

    -American Composer of modern classical music
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

  • The Invention of the Electrical Guitar

  • Period: to

    John Willimas

    -American Composer
    -Known for composing Cinamtic pieces
    -Performed for President Obama's Inaguaration
  • Period: to

    The Swing Era

    -Form of Jazz Improvation
    -After the Great Depression
  • Period: to

    World War II

    -Germany invades Poland
  • Period: to

    Big Band Era

    -Bigger jazz Groups
    -Dominated Jazz in early 1940's when the swing was popular
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    -The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor
    -U.S.A Enters war
  • Appalachin Spring

    -Ballet for Martha Graham who was the lead dancer
  • Period: to


    -The new form of Jazz, late 1940's
  • Period: to

    Musique Concrete

    -New musical Style
  • Prepare Piano

    -John Cage created
  • Period: to

    Rock 'N' Roll

  • Period: to

    Quater Tone Music

    -Occured when first comouter music first emerge
  • Period: to

    Film Music became more Prominent

  • Invention of Widespread Cinema

  • Role of Silence in Music (Cage)

  • Period: to

    Serialist Period

  • West Side Story (Bernstein)

  • Period: to

    George Gershwin

    -American composer, pianist
    -Did not get taught by Nadia Boulanger