Tuesdays with Morrie

  • Morrie meets Mitch

    Mitch has his first day in morrries class
  • Graduation Last time Mitch sees Morrie for years

    This is when Mitch told morrie he would keep in touch with him
  • Morrie is diagnosed with ALS(Lou Gehrig's Disease)

    Morrie realizez his life is going to end and he begins embraceing that
  • Morrie gets interviewed by Ted Koppel

    Ted Kopple comes to Morries house and interviews him for the first time
  • Mitch gores to see Morrie at his house in Boston

    Mitch had seen the interview with Ted and decided to go see his former professor
  • Mitch begins going to morries house every tuesday(THE FIRST TUESDAY)

    this is the first tuesday and Morrie and Mitch talk about the world
  • The Second Tuesday

    This is the second meeting on a tuesday, Mitch and Morrie talk about feeling sorry for yourself, this is where morrie sais he only allows a few seconds a day to feel sorry for himself
  • The Third Tuesday

    on this tuesday they talk about regrets and this is also when Mitch begins recording their meetings
  • The Fourth Tuesday

    on the fourth tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about death and how everybody is aware that they are going to die~the als has gotten to morrie to the point where he is dependent on an oxygen machine to breathe
  • The 5th Tuesday

    on the 5th meeting Morrie and Mitch talk about family at this point Morrie is rapidly loosing mass and mitch struggles to keep the microphone on morrie because his close are so loose fitting
  • the 6th Tuesday

    on the 6th tuesday they talk about emotions and morrie has been coughing worse and is struggleing to breath
  • the 7th tuesday

    on this day morrie and mitch talk about the fear of ageing and by this day morrie has become more dependent
  • the 8th tuesday

    This time Morrie and Mitch talk about money
  • the 9th tuesday

    On this Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about How Love Goes On "when you are in bed you are dead"
  • the 10th tuesday

    this time they talk about marrige mitch brings his wife to meet morrie
  • the 11th tuesday

    On this tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about Culture now morrie is getting hit in the back so the fluid does not solidify and kill him
  • the 12th tuesday

    This Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about Forgiveness this is really the last tuesday on mitches list of subjects "Forgive yourself before you die and then forgive others"
  • the 13th tuesday

    this tuesday morrie is getting so much closer to death and he said what he would do if he had one more perfect day
  • the last tuesday

    onthis day morrie tells mitch goodbye and mitch begins to cry
  • Morrie dies

    morrie dies when his family is not with him he stops breathing, his funural is held on a tuesday just like all of morries and mitches meetings