TTN v2 to v3 AU timeline

Timeline created by bwooce
  • Period: to

    TTNv2 GW forward to TTNv3

  • Period: to

    [Proposal] AU Apps & Devices move to TTNv3

  • TTNv2 goes readonly

  • Period: to

    No new device, apps, or gateways on TTNv2

  • Period: to

    [Proposal] AU GWs move to TTNv3

    If you move GWs before this then TTNv2 apps (and devices that send to them) will lose data.
  • [Proposal] Meshed GW endpoints stop working

    We drop the servers intentionall to make GWs stop working, giving 10 days for people to work out why before TTNv2 is not even accessible?
  • TTNv2 Turns Off

  • TTNv3 only GWs and Applications after this point