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Trojan Building Migration

  • Period: to

    Trojan Building Moves

  • Carpet Installation Walkthrough

    We will have a walkthrough with George on Wednesday at 1pm. It should take approx 30-45 mins to go over all logistics of the carpet/flooring and furniture move.
  • HHS Re-Zoning Westside 7AM - 4PM

    Security Company will be re-zoning the West Side of the building.
  • Furniture Movers 4PM-10PM

    George will be here with a crew from 4PM-??
    Hr has provided him with his own Key /Code. IT will be moving Collections and Software to their temp locations. 4PM-10PM tentative
  • Carpet and Flooring Installed AM-PM

  • IT Performing Updates to Hyper-V servers

    Alderaan and Deathstar to receive a 24GB Upgrade each.
  • IT Installing New Cisco Switches

    IT INstalling New Catalyst 3750x into existing stack and replacing small rack with larger rack. A 2960-S cold spare to be mounted in West wing Compy room.
  • CBI to Re-assemle Collections and Software 6AM-4PM

    Coco has arrange for a crew to come back in at 6 AM to reassemble the two departments cubicles.
  • IT Moving Departments back 4PM-10PM

    Alvin and Oscar will be moving all of Software and Collections back into there prospective cubicles.