Tristan\ Ned Kelly

By 7AR
  • born

    ned was born in Beveridge, north of melbourne
  • ned assaults a chinese man

    14-year-old Kelly assaults a Chinese pig farmer and spends close to two weeks in police custody.
  • convicted

    He was given 3yrs prison for receiving a stolen
  • got jobs

    driving bullock teams,
  • released

    he was released from jail and sent home
  • ned became a bushranger

    ned becaame a bushranger and started stealing cattle
  • ned go's hiding

    ned goes into hiding after being accused of assaulting a police officer.
  • ned kills 3 police officers

    Kelly and his gang kill three police men.
  • Ned complained against squatters

    Ned complained against squatters
  • ned rob's bank

    ned and his gang hold up a bank in Euroa.
  • made armour

    The Kelly gang made there suits of armour out of metal plates
  • ned rob's bank

    ned and his gang dress as cops and rob a bank in Jerilderie.
  • arrested by Haul

    ned was arrested by Haul and put in prison
  • big shootout

    shootout between police and the Kelly gang at Glenrowan Inn. Kelly is arrested, three of the members of his gang died in the shootout.
  • sentenced to death

    ned is sentenced to death
  • death

    ned was finaly hung for his crimes
  • first film

    first full langth film ever made about the kelly gang.(The Story of the Kelly Gang)
  • neds remains are moved

    neds remains are transported from Old Melbourne Gaol to Pentridge Prison.