Hugo Boss Launch

  • Idle-Visuals Marketing

    In this period,we aim to convey the concept of “energise to life” with our tagline “FIRE UP”. 'A large bottle of the Hugo Boss energise in the middle of a sort of a grassy land and it will have four football players around it with the tagline “FIRE UP” written at the bottom". The Visuals ( LCD screens and Posters) will be located in places such as:
    - Football clubs
    - Malls
  • Period: to

    Theme :FootBall

    The reason this timing is chosen to launch the product is the following:
    - It is the beginning of the sumer season.
    - People either travel, so they do shopping as part of the preparation.
    - Some people stay in country, thus Malls and shopping are considered a main means of entertainment.
    - Eid is just couple of months away from the launching time. The mentioned points mean increasing sales, thus increasing products.
  • Guerilla Marketing

    Based on the concept “FIRE UP” our mission will be to create a unique awareness campaign that will motivate consumers to buy Hugo Boss energise. We will place small footballs with a sample of the perfume and our tagline “FIRE UP” stuck on it and place them in particular football clubs that suit our target market. This will enable us to create a special place in their mind and it might also encourage a purchase of the product. This kind of marketing will also help us create a lot of awareness
  • You-tube and Social media

    YouTube channel under the name “Hugo Boss energise” and conduct a competition where people can take a video of themselves doing football free-styling (as our whole marketing campaign is related to football) and upload it on our channel. This competition will have three phases.  Phase 1: Announcement of the football free-styling contest.
    Phase 2: Registering and uploading a video. ( 3 weeks )
    Phase 3: Selecting a winner. Price:
    The winner will win a trip to brazil for a 1 month free training