Trevor Kelley

  • Birth

    I was born at the Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. It was at 4:19 A.M. I was 7 lbs., 11oz. I was born in a snow storm. There was ice and snow on the road when my dad drove my mom to the hospital. I don't remember where my brother was when I was born. He may have been with the neighbors.
  • First Day of Kindergarden

    I think this was the date, but I'm not sure. I remember that I was in Mrs. Pettigrew's class. I didn't like her class. I think that I wanted to be in Mrs. Crum's. I am pretty sure that I was in P.M. kindergarden. I remember being told that it was a good thing that I was in P.M. because that meant I could sleep in. Kindergarden was a fun year for me. We learned our ABC's.
  • Moved to new house

    I think this is the exact date, but I'm not sure. This is the house that I am living in now. I barely remember the old house on Clingerman Ave. I know that I did not like the new house at first because i thought it was scary. I was only five years old.
  • First time at our church

    I think this was the date, but I am not sure. This is a very important day in my life because this is where I got saved. This is the church that I currently attend. Moving to that church was one of the best decisions of my life. It's called the Churubusco Church of the Nazarene. It's on 1000 West Whitley Street off of 205.
  • First youth football game

    I played for the Churubusco Eagles. Our jerseys were gold. We did not win a single game. Only a few years ago I didn't even watch football games at home on TV. I became a very big fan. This game gave way to a football-filled youth. I now play for the 8th grade team at Churubusco Jr. High. If not for this game, I would probably not be playing now.