Tresure Island, R. Stevenson, fiction, 340 pages

  • Pages 1-81

    We are introduced to Jim hawkins, the son of an inn owner, and Black Dog, a drunken pirate. When Black Dog gets a threat for his money, he dies, and the threat holder comes to the inn looking for his money. Jim takes the money and runs, meets Long John Silver, and joins a pirate crew in search of treasure.
  • Pages 81-185

    Silver tries to decive the captain, but Jim ruins his plan and runs into Ben Gunn, a lost seaman who got cast overboard by Silver. Silver fights the captain and doctor, and looses.
  • Pages 185- 340

    In the end, Silver reclaims Jim, and shows them a treasure map. When they find the place, it has already been excavated. ben Gunn shows Silver that he has already founf the treaure. They leave the pirates behind on th island. SDilver takes some gold and is never heard from again. Jim says he will never go treasure hunting again. Running total: 1704