Trent Garcia pd 8

By trent5
  • Period: to

    Trent Garcia

  • Broke my wrist

    Feel on it(triped). Green cast.
  • My nephew was born.

    My nephew is just like my brother! He makes me happy and I love him.
  • Bow hunting in Illinios

    Going to a different state to hunt. Seeing way bigger deer than im used to!
  • Fighting

    When I was younger I got in a lot of trouble. I would get into a lot of fights.
  • Back talking my mom.

    I now know not to do this! Its bad and mamas got some power!
  • Got my permit.

    Geting my permit means I can drive. Nothing else needed to say!
  • scaloping

    scaloping in north florida. Got our limit each day.
  • Sneaking out

    I no that im not aloud out at night at 2 in the morning.. Got in trouble.
  • Went to South Dakota

    The best state ive been to so far. Mount rushmore and crazy horse.
  • Highschool baseball

    Geting back to the sport I love.Playing ceter feild and runing fast.