Treaties of The Great War and after

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  • The Treaty of Brest Litovsk

    This treaty was signed between Germany and the Russian Empire after a stalemate was reached between them on Germany's Eastern front. Germany demanded that reparations be paid, but most crucially, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were all given to Germany. This agreement was made outside the League, and had no moderators. The Treaty was cancelled through the Versailles Settlement with Germany after the war, in June 1919, and Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were set up as independent states.
  • The Treaty of Versailles with Germany 1-Disarmament

    Germany's Armed forced were restricted to 100 000. No submarines were allowed, and the air force was to disband entirely. Less than 40 Naval vessels were permitted, with Destroyers being limited to 6 units. No military force was to enter the Rhineland, which formed part of the barrier between France and Germany. The same went for the whole of Austria.
  • Treaty of Versailles with Germany 2-Territory

    Germany lost all her African territories. The Togoland and Cameroon were transferred. Lands in the east such as the Marshall Islands were transferred to Japan, while Lebanon and Syria were put under France's care. Palestine was granted to the British. Upper Silesia was lost, while Danzig was given to Poland, which separated Germany from East Prussia. She was denied any access to the Saar Basin, which was formerly shared with France. Alsace-Lorraine, taken from France in 1871, was returned.
  • The Treaty of Versailles with Germany 3-Reparations

    Germany was to pay a fee of 132 Million marks (6 billion Pounds) for war damages, with France and Britain receiving the bulk of the payments. This figure was decided in 1921 by the Reparations Commission, and was to be paid in annual instalments. Other resources were included. No trading was to be done with Austria. The calculated end date for these annual instalments was 1988.
  • Treaty of Saint Germain with Austria

    The main points of the Treaty: The republic of Austria had to accept the break up of the Empire The independence of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Poland to be accepted Territory to be transferred to above mentioned states Union between Germany and Austria was forbidden Austrians were particularly angered by the fact that 3 million Sudetan Germans were under Czech rule which seemed to violate self determination. The country was now landlocked.
  • Treaty of Neuilly with Bulgaria

    Bulgaria had to recognise the independence of Yugoslavia. Territory was lost to Greece, Yugoslavia and Romania.
    Bulgarians regarded the Treaty to be a catastrophe. It was the end to a 40 year struggle for the unification of the Bulgarian populated territories. The country's future was uncertain, and its pride was severely damaged.
  • Treaty of Trianon with Hungary

    Hungary to accept the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Hungary was to recognise the independence of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia Territory of the former empire was to be transferred to Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Romania. Reparations, Disarmament and the War guilt Clause was also to be accepted. Her armed forces were limited to 15,000 (Needs clarifying)
  • Treaty of Sèvres with Turkey

    Turkey had to Recognise the independence of the Kingdom of Hejaz and Armenia provinces in the Middle East to Britain and France were lost Territory lost to Greece and Italy the Dardanelles Strait was to become an international waterway. The Treaty sparked off a Nationalist movement led by MustaphaKemal who invaded Greek Territory, driving the Greeks from Smyrna. This caught the Leagues attention, and the treaty was renegotiated.
  • Treaty of Lausanne with Turkey

    This Treaty Concerned Turkey. Turkey confirmed the loss of its provinces in the Middle East Turkey's European territory which was lost in the treaty of Sèvres was returned. The Dardanelles Strait was to return to Turkish sovereignty. Disarmament, which was enforced on all defeated powers, was retracted. Reparations too, were removed
  • The Locarno Pact (Placeholder-needs work and date clarification)