Treasure Island 6 main events

  • Jim meets Captain Billy Bones

    He starts the story at the Admiral Benbow Inn, which is owned by Jim’s father. One day,a sailor decides to stay at the inn. The sailor finally reveals that he is a captain, but won’t say much else about himself. He listens to the captain's stories and eventually gets to know him a little better. If Jim could not meet Billy in the beginning of the novel, the whole entire plot would be different. In fact, there would probably be not much of a plot at all.
  • Captain Billy Bones dies from a stroke

    The day after Jim’s father’s funeral, a one-legged man appears at the inn. Jim takes him to see the captain and the blind man gave him a watch. Shortley after, Billy dies from a stroke. Jim and his mom find a map in his sea chest and make a run after a group of sailors go after them for the posessions in the sea chest.I chose to use this time point because without Jim's descovery of the map, the whole entire plot of the novel wouldn't exsist.The stroy is based on that map and going to the island
  • Jim and his crew get a ship and set sail for Treasure Island.

    After establishing a crew, they split up and looked for a ship. Eventually, they found the Hispaniola and set sail to Treasure Island. I added this time period because If it wasn't for the Hispaniola, the crew wouldn't even be at the island. Also, later inthe stroy, the ship helps Jim come up with a successful plan.
  • Jim's crew arrives at the island

    Jim and his crew arrive at the island. Shortly after their arrival, Jim notices that pirates are on this island. Long John Silver and his crew are the people on the island.
  • Silver and Jim's crew have a fight

    Long John leads his crew to take on Jim's. After Jim's crew wins the battle, Silver takes his remianing men to hunt for the treasure. Unfortinatley, the only remaining treasure is a few coins. They realise that someone has already been here. Without this fight, Jim's crew would not be able to get ahold of the treasure. The story ending would change a lot if Jim's crew could not hold the pirates back.
  • Jim and his crew sail home

    After spending almost two days on the island, Jim's crew and Long John share the treasure on a ride home. Once they arrive back in England, Jim will carry on the duties of running his father's inn.