• Travelling. Kazan.

    Travelling. Kazan.
    I want to tell you about Tatarstan, one of the biggest republics of Russia. It is located in the Eastern part of Europe at the junction of the Volga and Kama rivers. Its population is about three million people.
    The capital of Tatarstan is Kazan. It is located on the left bank of the Volga river and was founded in 1177 .
    Kazan is very special city, truly multicultural. It is a place where Tatars and Russians live together.
  • Travelling. London.

    Travelling. London.
    There are many schools and universities in London
    . London is the capital of Great Britain.
    . It was founded more than two thousand years ago.
    . Its population is more than seven million people.
    It stands on the banks of the Thames River.
    London is a great seaport.
    . There are many docks in it.
    . London is the cultural center.
    It has 80 theatres.
    . There are many cinemas, museums, libraries and parks in the city.