Favorite Memory of Each School Year

Timeline created by ashj2021
  • Kindergarten

    My favorite part of kindergarten would actually be starting school. I was always looking forward to it and I always told my grandma that I wanted to start school right away. I was four when I started school. I was one of the youngest kids in my grade.
  • First Grade

    My first grade year wasn't that bad. I had a lot of fun actually. My favorite part would be the projects we did in class and having recess so I could go outside with all my friends.
  • Second Grade

    My favorite part of second grade would be making a new friend. She moved here in the second grade and she was in my class. We became friends right away and always stuck with each other at lunch and recess.
  • Third Grade

    Third grade was my favorite elementary school year. Mrs. Breckheimer was my teacher and that's why third grade was my favorite. We did a lot of fun things in her class. The thing I remember most was making a "Third Grade Movie" at the end of the year pretty much summing up the entire year. That was my favorite part.
  • Fourth Grade

    My favorite part of fourth grade would have to be the teacher. I was still okay with school but since I knew the teacher before school I liked her class even more. She also did fun projects and stuff too.
  • Fifth Grade

    My favorite part of fifth grade would have to be the last day of school party. We played games, had snacks and drinks, and we watched a movie. It was just a really fun day.
  • Sixth Grade

    In sixth grade, we had a night at the museum day. We went to the museum and got a tour of the whole place then had a pizza party there. We stayed the night there too. That was my favorite part of sixth grade.
  • Seventh Grade

    Seventh grade was my first year at the high school. I think my favorite part of seventh grade would be the switching classes every hour. It felt good not to have to stay in the same class all day.
  • Eighth Grade

    My favorite part of eighth grade would be English because of the teacher. She made the class fun by playing games and doing a lot of hands-on projects to help us learn.
  • Ninth Grade

    My favorite part of ninth grade would be algebra. Mrs. LeGrand was my favorite teacher and she made the class fun. It was also my favorite subject.
  • Tenth Grade

    My favorite part of tenth grade would have to be first hour. It is a really easy class and the teacher is really nice. She makes the class really fun and the projects we do aren't boring so I always like going to that class.