Transportation of the 1920's

  • Model T

    The first Model T made was in 1908 but it mass produced in the 1920's.
  • Video on transportation in the 1920's

  • trains

    In the 1920's, trains and ocean liners were the dominant mass transportation methods, providing comfortable, reliable transport to millions of American vacationers.
  • boats

    The main method of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the 1920s was by steamship and ocean liner.
  • cars and roads

    By 1921, the number of automobiles in the United States had passed the ten million mark necessitating President Warren G. Harding spending $75 million to improve the nation's roads.
  • model T

    When Henry Ford introduced the world to the Model T, the wheels on innovation began to churn. Throughout the early 21st century, the Model T dropped from its original price of $825 to $360 8 years later. Because of its ease to operate, low cost, and simplicity in repair, the Model T sold like hotcakes.
  • trains

    In the 1920s, railroads were a central part of American life. Railroad lines crisscrossed the country. They carried people, manufactured goods, food, the daily mail, and express packages.
  • boats

    All of the boats shown here were designed by L. Francis Herreshoff or Nick Potter, and were all built to race under one of the level rating classes of either the Universal or International rating rules.
  • Jitney

    the first jitney line franchise in the United States was sold at auction in Long Beach in 1916. During the 1920's, ridership rose dramatically from approximately three million fares in 1920, to 10 million in 1923, and to 18.5 million in 1925!