5 top technology trends in transportation and logistics industry

Transportation Industry

  • Lockheed Constellation

    Lockheed Constellation
    The Lockheed Constellation ("Connie") is a four-engine propeller-driven aircraft, planned and launched by the Lockheed corporation,
    that first flew in 1943. Temporary as the project till 1958. The Constellation was the first civil airplane to have pressurised cabins making it unique. (Wikipedia contributors, 2021).
  • Google Maps

    Google Maps
    Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen, and Noel Gordon and Stephen Ma at Where 2 Technologies planned a digital map technology in 2003. It was temporary since it took 2 years to build with the help of Google who launched it as Google Maps. It was unique since you could search, scroll and zoom the map unlike traditional maps.
    Google Maps
  • NAL NM5

    NAL NM5
    National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and Mahindra Aerospace collaborated on the NM5/C-NM5 multi-role, multi-mission aircraft as a planned project. Built to service private and small commercial endeavours. Unique as it can cater to a variety of services and its comparatively cheaper to purchase. The project ran from 2005-2008 making it temporary. (Wikipedia contributors, 2020).
    NAL NM5
  • LEXUS GX 460

    LEXUS GX 460
    Planned and launched by Lexus Group, their aim was to deliver an old style SUV with modern features. Unique as it appeals to a certain type of customer looking for a small SUV with all the features of a bigger SUV. the GX 460 launched 2009 ending the project for this model, making it temporary.
    LEXUS GX 460
  • UberCab

    Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp started UberCab, as a planned timeshare limo service. Its temporary because it took a year and 7 months to build, test and launch. It was unique since you would share the cost of a private driver between multiple app users. UberCab
  • Lamborghini Asterion

    Lamborghini Asterion
    The Sìán FKP 37 is the first production Lamborghini powered by a V12 with supercapacitor-based hybrid technology, which makes it unique. The Asterion was defined as a hyper-cruiser, in other words a super sports car which also boasts comfort and luxury amongst its strengths. It is a temporary project because it has start and end date.
    Lamborghini Asterion

    BMW Group debuted a motorcycle concept so artificially intelligent that it eliminates the need for the rider to wear protective gear, including a helmet, making it unique. The planning and launching of the project ended in 2018, making it temporary.BMW MOTORRAD
  • Flamingo Scooters

    Flamingo Scooters
    Jackson Love & Nick Hyland founded Flamingo, a dockless electric scooter-share startup established in NZ and Australia offering a first and last mile transportation service. Planned project to operate 300 scooters in Christchurch on a 12 month contract and unique being the only NZ owned business at the time. (FLAMINGO TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED 2021, 2021).
  • Pune-Mumbai Hyperloop

    Pune-Mumbai Hyperloop
    It is the first time Hyperloop technology has been used in India, which makes it unique. The benefit to the environment, the advanced train proponents claim, is improved energy efficiency compared to airplane. It has start and end date making it temporary and it is energy-efficient transportation system which provides commutable trips time at short and long distance (Vijayenthiran, 2019).
  • City Rail Link (CRL)

    City Rail Link (CRL)
    The largest transport infrastructure project ever to be undertaken in NZ by the Auckland City Council, which makes it unique and require planning. It has a start and end date making it temporary.The project aims to create a railway-linked system to double the rail capacity for future forecasts of increasing railway traveling capacity (CRLL, n.d.).