Transcontinental RailRoad

  • Asa Whitney

    Asa Whitney Presented to congress a plan for a rail road that spanned the West
  • Mexico

    Acquisition of western territories form Mexico
  • Oregon Boundary

    Settlement of Oregon Boundary
  • California

    Discovery of gold
  • Funds

    Congress appropriated funds to survey various proposed routes
  • Rivalry

    Senetor Stephan Douglas introduced the Kansas-Nebraska Act
  • Legislation

    Enacted during the Civil War by a Republican controlled congress
  • Beginnings

    The Union Pacific RailRoad started building at Omaha, Nebraska while the Central Pacific Began at Sacramento , California
  • Federal Grants

    Each company building railroads were granted 10 alternate sections per mile on both side of the rail road
  • Land

    The amount of land granted doubled and a 30-year loan from the government wa given for each mile of track built
  • Endings

    Both sides met at Promontory Summit, Utah. A golden spike joined the two lines
  • More Lines

    Three more lines were completed: Northern Pacific RailRoad-Lake Superior to Portland, Oregon; Santa Fe-Atchison, Kansas to Los Angeles; Southern Pacific- Los Angeles to New Orleans.
  • Great Northern

    The Great Northern was completed