Transcontinental Railroad

  • Asa White presents plan to Congress

    Asa had a plan to subsidize the building of a railroad from the Mississippi River to the PAcific Ocean.
  • Settlement of Oregan

  • Acquisition of western territories

  • Gold discovered in California

  • More support for the project

  • Funds to survey various routes by Congress

    Arguing over what route the railroad should take but Senator Stephen Douglas reveals the Kansas-Nebraska Act. This was intended to win approval for the line from Chicago.
  • Congress enacted legislation

    Legislation provided for the construction of a transcontinental line.
  • The Pacific RR began construction

    In Omaha, Nebraska
    The Central Pacific broke ground in Sacramento, California
  • The two lines met in Promontory Summit, Utah

    A golden spike was driven into the ground to join the two lines.
  • Three additional lines were finished

    There was the Northern Pacific RR that stretched from Lake Superior to Portland, Oregan; the Santa Fe which extended from Atchison, Kansas to Los Angeles; and the Southern Pacific connected Los Angeles to New Orleans