By mearl17
  • First tractor is invented

    First tractor is invented
    The first engine-powered farm tractors used steam and were introduced. Click to here to see the history of tractors
  • Gasoline fueled tractor

    Charter Gasoline Engine Company creates a gasoline fueled engine.
  • The Froelich Tractor

    The Froelich Tractor
    The actual first successful gasoline tractor, the Froelich tractor, is invented by John Froelich.
  • The Waterloo Gasoline Traction Engine Company

    Froelich and eight investors formed the Waterloo Gasoline Traction Engine Company. They built four prototype tractors and sold two (though both were soon returned).
  • The Fordson

    The Fordson
    Henry Ford introduces a small, inexpensive model which he calls the Fordson during the World War I. Click here to visit website
  • Lightweight Tractors Introduced

    An entirely new line of lightweight tractors was engineered, supplemented by a new line of threshing machines and farm trucks. Click here to learn more
  • The Three-Point Hitch

    Harry Ferguson invented the three-point hitch. The three-point hitch was put together using a combination of linkages (three different linkage points, two on bottom and one on top) and hydraulics. (Made things much easier for farmers)
  • Row Crop Invented

    The Oliver company refined its "Row Crop" tractor with two small drive wheels in front spaced closely together.