Tracking the Development of my Post Production Skills

  • Period: to

    Post-Production Projects

  • Film Swede

    Match Cuts
    Placeing Clips together to make a sequence
    Cutting Clips
    Placing the In and Out markers to select the area of the clip I wanted to use
    Dragging clips onto the timeline
  • Shot-by-shot remake

    Filters: Colour Correction, to lighten the footage as it was filmed at night.
    Transitions: Fade-in and Fade-out
  • Match Cut Prelim

    Filters: Stop Motion Blur, Glow
    Jump cuts to create the effect that someone transported to another dimension.
    Eye-line match cuts
  • Thriller

    Transitions: Cross-dissolves
    Filters on titles: Bad TV, Earthquake
    Spacing the clips to create titles on a black screen
    Copying clips and pasting them onto the timeline next to the oringinal clip, and adding an effect to it, so that the original clip runs into the second clip and transform from the normal footage into a Bad TV effect.
    Cutting the clips to change the pace of the editing.
    Reversing clips
    fade to black from a still picture in slow motion
  • Music Video Remake

    Black and White Filter with colour correction to make the colours brighter.
    cutting the basetrack to show the cross-cuts.
  • Lip Sync Tutorial

    Base track editing
    Using Markers on the actual clip, not the top of the timeline, and using this as a guide for the basetracks.
  • Music Video

    Filters: Overdrive, Desaturation, SmoothCam
    Using the desaturation sliders to alter the levels
    More sophisticated jump cuts
    Copy and pasteing attributes to the clips from original clips
    Using the cutting tool
    Changing the colours of the markers for different meanings
    More concise manipulation of the clip speeds
    Changing the clip speeds without throwing the ideo out og sync
    Using Chroma Key to create colour effects