Tracking the develoment of my post production skills

  • Bait Tutorial

    I learnt how to use Final Cut Pro for the first time, where i learnt how to match clips up to create a story that made sense. I did this from cutting clips, selecting and disregarding clips for the tutorial make.
  • Shot-by-shot remake

    I did a remake of Juno whi=ere in the post-production I had to choose the appropriate clips to suit the real clip. Also having a numbere of jump cuts that ran smoothly was important and i tried to embed this. Lastly the soundtrack was added to my remake of Juno.
  • Match cut prelim

    I incorporated multiple match cuts in the prelim which helped me to practice and familarise using match cuts in my thriller.
  • Thriller

    during the post prodfuction of the thriller skills developed where used of title in which was a key elemnt of film openings. following he chronilogical order of names e.g producer to main actors etc. the slow and fast motion incorporated into the post production of the film opening added to my groups whole action/thrilller type of genre. Lastly embeding sound effects created more effect to the movement in our thriller trying to aim for professional quality.
  • Lip sync tutorial

    during this tutorial skills i learn was base track editing where I had to use the use of markers to determine where i changed to different clips of the same band peroming from different angles and band members. Also making sure syncing (involving the clips) was in time with the actual track of the song was something to practice at for my upcoming project
  • Music video remake

    The post production of this task was to develop knowledge of base track editing and lip syncing to the music. I had 5 various base track clips to edit from skipping back and forth to each other. This helped me to use basetracks appropriately when time to produce my music video in between other clips to keep the music video flowing.
  • Music video

    My skills from AS have abled me to develop into producing a more media/music video producer standard of video. skills such as adding effects on my music video has allowed the video to be rather different from a sort of real life piece of footage which gives it a professional look. Saturation used create a dark masculine atmospher on the video which supports the genre and artist. Lastly incorporations of transitions such as cross dissolving one clip into another show the continuity of events.