Top 8, Katie Finn, fiction, 308 pages

  • Top 8, chapter 1, 20 pages, total 20 pages

    It starts by showing Madison's (the main character) blog on a social website called Friendverse. It shows her top 8, main blog, facts about her, and how she was going to the Galapagos over spring break so she wouldn't be able to be on because there is no internet connection. Once it starts it is her coming back from the Galapagos, the first thing she did was go to her computer to see her Friendverse acount. She was shocked to see that she was hacked and the hacker changed EVERYTHING!
  • Top 8, chapter 2-3, 22 pages, total 42 pages

    First, Madison got a better look at what the hacker did to her Friendverse account. While doing this she got a phone call from her friend Schuyler and she told her to meet her and the other girls at the coffee shop. When she was there she saw her friends Ruth, Schuyler, Lisa, and Liz she told them about the hacker and all the things she/he did. Also she was telling them how her boyfriend Justin changed his status to single. Madisons friends heard the whole story and beleived her.
  • Top 8, chapter 3-4, 25 pages, total 77 pages

    After they made the list of names of the possible hackers it included of Kittson Pearson and Connor Atkins. After they made the list, Madison's friends tell her that Justin is dateing Kittson Pearson. Then, when she went to school the next day everyone was talking about her.
  • Top 8, chapter 5-6, 24 pages

    where I started Madison and her friends were at lunch discussing what could have happened. After lunch Madison was going to class and saw Justin. They talked for a while about how she got hacked and how it WASN'T her. He beleived her but said i can't just break up with Kittson because of this mistake. Kittson then came down the hall and took him away. This made Madison late for class so she had detention after school. After detention she went to her acting class.she went home a saw a boy!!
  • Top 8, chapter 7-7,94-120 pages, total

    MAdisons parents told her to take Nate to Gofers to get ice cream for desert. when thay got there they sat and talked while eating ice cream. WHen NAte and his parents left Madi called Ruth telling her everything. the next day at school MAdison got alled down to the presibles office about her Friendverse account.
  • Top 8, pages 121-148, total

    Madison and her friends had been getting clues and trying to find out if they could find anymore suspects or even more info on a suspect. Alos madison went and asked COnnor ( one of the people she thinks it could be) if he did it and he said no truthfuly.
  • Top 8, pages 149-164, total

    Madison and her friends had gym and were playing tennis while they were talking about more stuff with the hacker. Later,Madison went to the spa to confrunt Kittson but she also denied it and said she was breaking up with Justin.
  • Top 8, pages 165-308, total

    Madison thought that her brother could have hacked her profile but he didnt. Also her and NAte went to a drive in for a date and they almost kissed but never did. Madison went to Brians party and found Nate there. Many people tried talking to her about many things but she always got interupted. Justin and kittson broke up and Justin forced a kiss on Madison. Nate saw the kiss and left the party. She tried to figure out more hacker stuff later that night because she got many clues at the party.
  • Page 165-308 continued

    The next morning she called Dell GLen and RUth to the park. SHe figured out that Ruth made Dell hack her and glen was there for moral support. Ruth and MAdison were no loger BFF's. Madison explained to NAte later that the kiss was forced on her and that she liked him. they ended up going out and he was her tortuse.