Top 6

  • Baby Boom

    Baby Boom
    A time period where the soldiers were returning from war and they wanted to "celebrate". Because of this celebration many babies were born.
  • Jackie Robinson

    Jackie Robinson
    Jackie was the person who broke the color barrier in the MLB (major leauge baseball). But was not very liked by the other players. Drafted by the brooklyn dodgers. Elected into the baseball hall of fame in 1962.
  • Sputnik 1

    Sputnik 1
    First unmaned spacecraft that was launched by the Soviet Union. Was used to give scientist the density in outer space. Was a main component of the "Space Race"
  • Atomic Bomb

    Atomic Bomb
    USA was first to try to test the Hydrogen Bomb, this just showed how far the bomb race has gone
  • Peace Corp.

    Peace Corp.
    A United States voulenteer group as an effort to rebuild America or help rebuild another country. Put in place by former president John F. Kennedy.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    Was the first spaceship and its crew to land on the moon. The crew included Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. Launched from the Kennedy Space Stations in Flordia. They launched in flordia that way when the ship came back into the ocean where we could retreive it.