Space Exploration

By Mk20379
  • Introducing Liquid Fuel

    Konstantin Tsiolovsky is the first scientists that comes up with the idea of liquid fuel instead of solid fuel.
  • The prototype launches

    The prototype launches
    The first liquid fuel rocket is launched by Robert Goddard, it makes it 109 mi into the air. This design is mostly used during WWII for the German military.
  • Sputnik Takes Off

    Sputnik Takes Off
    The USSR launches the first artificial satellite into space, the Sputnik satellite was 58 cm in diameter and weighed 84 kg. Sputnik was in orbit for 3 months before it slowed down and chrashed into the Earth.
  • The Second Sputnik

    The Second Sputnik
    The USSR launches another satellite, Sputnik 2. The difference is that in Sputnik 2 they launched the first animal into space, Laika. Laika was a stray that was trained for space travel.
  • The USA Fights Back

    The USA Fights Back
    The USA launches its first satellite, Explorer 1.
  • The Second First

    The Second First
    The USA's second satellite, Vanguard 1, is launched.
  • Energy Efficeient

    The first Solar-Powered satelitte is launched into orbit by the US
  • New Connections

    The first Communications Satelitte is launched into orbit to caputre data and communicate back and forth with Earth.
  • Heat Resistant

    The first heliocentric satellite, Luna 1, is launched by the USSR.
  • Polar Orbits

    The USA is the first to have a satellite go into a polar orbit, which is when a satellite orbits along the longitude lines instead of latitude.
  • Plants Safe Return

    Sputnik 5 is the first satellite to bring and safely return life, plants and small animals, to space and back to Earth.
  • Orbiting the Earth

    Orbiting the Earth
    Yuri Gagarin is the first cosmonaut to orbit the Earth, he orbited the Earth in the Vostok 1.
  • The US Orbit

    John Glenn is the First Man to Orbit the Earth in the US.
  • Mars Flyby

    Mariner 4- NASA is the first satellite to flyby Mars.
  • More Than One

    Voskhod 1 is the first to hold a crew of astronauts into space.
  • The USSR's First Photos

    The USSR's First Photos
    The USSR the satellite Luna 9 to the Moon and is the first to capture pictures from another planet/ moon
  • Venus Landing

    The USSR's Venera 3 is the first to land on Venus and record data.
  • All Aboard

    Gemini 8 ATV- NASA is the first spacecraft to successfully dock a spacecraft.
  • The US's First Photos

    The US's First Photos
    The USA launches satellite Surveyor 1 to the Moon and captures pictures.
  • Remote- Controlled

    Cosmos-186 and Cosmos-188 are the first spacecrafts to be docked via remote- control.
  • Ultraviolet Observatory

    The first Ultraviolet Observatory is made and launched into space, this is the OAO-2- NASA
  • Planetary Flyby

    James Lovell, Frank Borman, and Bill Anderson are the first people to orbit another world, the Moon. They circled the Moon in the Apollo 8 and returned safely.
  • First Men on the Moon

    First Men on the Moon
    The USA is the first to have the first humans on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Alrdrin the first men on the moon.
  • Geostationary Orbit

    The USA launches Syncom 3- NASA into a geostationary orbit around the Earth.
  • First Man to Dance on the Moon

    First Man to Dance on the Moon
    Charles "Pete" Conrad is the first man to dance on the Moon, he was sent there by the Apollo 12- NASA.
  • Remote Rockets

    The first remote- controlled spacecraft to land on a planet/ moon is the Lunokhod 1
  • Rovers in the Moon

    The first lunar rover that was driven by humans, it was delivered by the Apollo 15- NASA
  • Second Orbit

    The Mariner 9- NASA is the first spacecraft to orbit Mars
  • Leaving the Inner Solar System

    Leaving the Inner Solar System
    The Pioneer 10- NASA is the first spacecraft to have a mission to travel beyond the asteroid belt.
  • The US Holds the Record

    The USA broke the record for a crew to live up in space with 84 days.