Space Exploration

By pezze
  • Sputnik 1

    Sputnik 1
    The Russians launched Sputnik 1, the first man-made object to be in space, on October 4, 1957.
  • Period: to

    Space Exploration

    The History of Space Exploration from Sputnik 1 to today.
  • Mercury Mission Begins

    The goals of the mercury mission was:
    To orbit a manned spacecraft around Earth;
    To investigate man's ability to function in space;
    To recover both man and spacecraft safely.
  • SA-1

    The Apollo/Saturn Mission 1 was the first flight of the Satrun 1 rocket.
  • SA-2

    This was the first mission of Project Highwater. Project Highwater was part of the test flights for the Saturn 1 rocket. They would release large amounts of water into the ionosphere to simulate what would happen if one of their rockets were to fail and release its propellents into the upper atmosphere.
  • SA-3

    This was the second test flight in Project Highwater.
  • SA-4

    This flight was conducted to test what would happen if an engine failed on the Saturnm 1 rocket.
  • Mercury Mission Ends

    This was the final flight of the Mercury Mission
  • SA-5

    This was the first flight of the Block II Saturn rocket.
  • Gemini Mission Begins

    This was the first flight of the Gemini Mission.
  • SA-6

    This was the first launch of the boilerplate model of the Apollo Spacecraft. Unfortunatly, one of the first stage H-1 rockets shut off 24 seconds early, but the other 7 rockets burned for an extra two seconds to compensate. The navigational computer also compensated for loss of thrust on one side and the mission continued as planned.
  • SA-7

    Another test flight of the boilerplate model of Apollo Spacecraft.
  • SA-9/Pegasus 1

    This was a flight of the boilerplate model that released an apparatus to measure the number of micrometeoriods near Earth.
  • SA-8/Pegasus 2

    Another boilerplate flight and micrometeoriod measurment.
  • SA-10/Pegasus 3

    Another boilerplate flight and micrometeoriod measurement.
  • AS-201

    This was the first test flight of the Saturn 1B rocket.
  • AS-203

    This was a test flight of the Saturn V second stage rocket.
  • AS-202

    This was another test flight for the Saturn 1B rocket.
  • Gemini Mission Ends

    This was the last flight of the Gemini Mission.
  • Apollo 1 Tragedy

    Apollo 1 Tragedy
    Disaster struck on the launch pad on January 27, 1967, when the Apollo 1 manned space mission exploded on the launch pad.
  • Apollo 4

    This was an unmanned test flight of the three-stage Saturn V rocket.
  • Apollo 5

    This was an unmanned flight to test the Lunar Module.
  • Apollo 6

    This was the final qualification of the Saturn V rocket, Command Module, and Lunar Module.
  • Apollo 7

    Apollo 7
    This was the first crewed launch of the Apollo mission.
  • Apollo 8

    Apollo 8
    This was the first orbiting of the moon during the Apollo Project.
  • Apollo 9

    This was the first manned test of the Lunar Module while orbiting Earth.
  • Apollo 10

    Apollo 10
    This was the second lunar orbit.
  • Apollo 11

    The astronauts landed on the moon and safely returned to Earth.
  • Apollo 12

    The astronauts extensivly studied the rocks within a kilometer of the landing site.
  • Apollo 13

    An oxygen tank exploded in-flight and the Crew Module lost its power, water, and oxygen. the lunar landing was aborted and it returned to Earth on April 19, 1970.
  • Apollo 14

    This mission landed at the Apollo 13 proposed landing site; The Fra Mauro Formation.
  • Space Shuttle Program Begins

    This was the first flight of the Space Shuttle Program.
  • Space Shuttle Program Continues

    This was the most recent flight of the Space Shuttle Program. In 1981, when space shuttles were first launched, people would stop what they were doing and turn ont eh TV to watch the Space Shuttle launch. Now, launches happen without most people knowing because we have realized that space travel has becone routine .