1961-1970 Percia, JJ, Sam

  • Laser

    the Laser was invented by Theodore Maiman. It is now used to read blue-ray which is light amplification by stimulated emmision of radiation.
  • Laser

    Theodore H. Maiman is credited with invention of laser.
  • pacemaker

    Dr. John A. Hopps, invented it
  • Period: to


  • Race Riot

    There was a race riot at the University of Georgia due to more diversity.
  • Judge W. A. Bootle

    Judge strikes down a state state law desighned to cut off funding in UGA became integrated.
  • Dean Rusk

    Dean Rusk
    Dean Rusk becomes secretary of state under JFK.
  • Sprite

    In 1961 7-Ups competitor Sprite is introduced bu Coca- Cola.
  • Chatahoochee River

    Chatahoochee River
    The Chattahoochee river rises to 28ft at west point. One foot below the historic record set in 1929.
  • The 23rd Amendment

    The 23rd Amendment to the Constitution becomes a law. Georgia does not ratify.
  • First Robot

    First time that a robot was created for the use in a factory. weighed 4,000 pounds.
  • First US Astronaunt into Space

    Mercury Freedom 7 carries Alan b. Shepard Jr. the first US astronaunt into space in suborbital flight.
  • The First Typewriter

    The IBM typewrite was made to make writing faster and neater. also used to save paper. The order in which the letters were arranged on the typewriter then are the same as the keyboard now.
  • The Transcontinental Telegraph

    US postal service spent $40,00 a year on telegraph lines. They were used to talk across the ocean.
  • PDP-1

    The PDP was the first mini computer on the market. Started the culture of hacking.
  • Space War

    This was the first game invented for computers. Invented by Steve Russel.
  • First man to Orbit Earth

    First man to Orbit Earth
    John Glenn became the first man to orbit the earth 3 times. It was a five hours flight.
  • Audio Cassette

    Audio Cassette
    First audio cassette was invented.
  • AT&T Satellite

    AT&T Satellite
    The satellite was known as Telstar I. First satellite for communication.
  • US Marine 2

    The 1st successfulplanerty space craft, flies past venus, and enters a solar orbit.
  • Lava Lamp

    Edward Craven Walker created the lava lamp.
  • Disk Storage

    It was created to put info on a disk and people could save stuff on it
  • First Moman into Space

    Vostok 6 carries first women into space and orbits the Earth 3 times.
  • President Kennedy Death

    Kennedy passed away in Texas
  • Ford motors

    The ford motors introduces the mustang
  • Operating System

    IBM rolls out th OS/360, the first mass produced computer operation system.
  • LSD Factory

    LSD factory making large quantities of acid availible for the first time.
  • Medicure Bill Passes

    Medicure bill passes
  • PDP-8

    the world's first computer to use integrated circut technology. It was also known as the mini computer.
  • Tuition Refund Plan

    Added to company benefits. Refunds in tuition.
  • Calculator

    The first hand held calculator was invented.
  • 1st Heart Transplant

    1st Heart Transplant
    the first heart transplant was done by Dr. Christian Banard in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Smoke Alarm

    Smoke Alarm
    Duane D. Pearsall and Stanley Bennett Peterson invented the smoke alarm.
  • Computer Mouse

    Computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart.
  • First Successful Apolo Mission

    Apollo 7 orbited Earth and tested the redesigned Apollo command module.
  • Richard Nixon becomes president

    Richard Nixon becomes president
    Nixon became president then was forced to resign rather than seeking impeachment. Nixon was replaced by Gerald Ford.
  • First Cash Despensing Machine

    Installed by first Philadelphia bank in 1968
  • NASA's Apollo II Spacecraft

    NASA's Apollo II Spacecraft touches down on the moon's surface. Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to step on the moon.
  • Woodstock Festival

    Woodstock Festival
    500,000 people attended the Woodstock Festival. The Woodstock festival was 3days worth of music and peace that changed the world.
  • draft lottery

    First one since ww11 held in NYC
  • Completion of the World Trade Center

    Completion of the World Trade Center
    Completed in NYC. Was the Sears building. Tallest building in the US.
  • Optical Fiber

    Corning glass announces it has created a glass fiber so clear that it can communicate pulses of light.
  • The Daisy

    It is a Wheel Printer
  • Earth Quake in Peru

    It killed 72,000 people
  • Solviet Luna 16

    Solviet Luna is launced conducting the first successful return of lunar soil samples by an automatic spacecraft.
  • The Floppy Disk

    It was invented by Alanhagart
  • China joined United Nations

    China joined UN
  • Probes to Mars

    The Soviet union and nasa sent probes to mars
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    The opening of Disney world.
  • The microprocessor

    it was the foundation of all computers