Top 5 Most Important Music Inventions

  • When the Phonograph was Invented

    When the Phonograph was Invented
    The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison. This was important because it was the first evidence/object that could record music.
  • Gramophone is Invented

    Gramophone is Invented
    It etched grooves into flat discs. It was a better style of recording music.
  • Magnetic Tape was Invented

    Magnetic Tape was Invented
    It was a new way of capturing sound. The head reacts with electric signal produced by microphones to create a pattern on the tape.
  • Stereo Recordings were Invented

    Stereo Recordings were Invented
    They were first made in Berlin. They split the signals into left and right channels.
  • World War 2

    World War 2
    It was a war between the world.
  • Digital recording was Invented

    Digital recording was Invented
    It was a completely new recording technology. It converted the analog electrical signal to a computer code.
  • Nick was Born

    Nick was Born
    An 8th Grader.
  • Jt was born

    Jt was born
    An 8th Grader.
  • Ipod Touch was invented

    Ipod Touch was invented
    It became a world wide product.