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Tomasina Carnival: The Life of my Mother

By aberela
  • Mom is born

    My mom was born in Portland, Organ on a commune
  • Moved to Central America

    lived in Casa De Los Robles, Chappas, Mexico
  • Moved in Sept.1978 to San Gabiel Californa

  • 1982 moved to Brooklyn NY

  • Summer of 1984 moved back to California: Arcadia

    All my aunts and uncles still live in California.
  • 1986 moved back to Brooklyn NY

  • 1989 graduated from highschool

  • 1993 graduated collage at SUNY New Patz

    1993 graduated collage at SUNY New Patz
    She got her degree in education.
  • 1993 mom met dad

    Mom: Tomasina Furnari
    Dad: Peter F Carnival III
  • my mom got married

  • I was born

    One of the two greatist days of my moms life....
    Peter IV : 7 pounds 7ounces
  • my brother was born

    Dominic Santo Carnival: 7pounds 10 ounces