• small jail

    small jail
    Tom and Huck go te the small jail to give some food to Muff.
    He looks sad and tired.
  • the real killer

    the real killer
    Injun Joe jumped out of the window at the trial, no one could stop him and he ran away. Everyone already knew who killed Dr. Robinson and Muff was free, Tom saved Muff's life
  • the trial

    the trial
    On the trial,the awyer sked to Tom "Why were you in the graveyard at midnight?" Tom said... "I went there to see gohsts with a dead cat" and people started laghing and the lawyer got angry.
  • the treasure

    the treasure
    Tom wants to go looking for a treasure, one hot summer day he met Huck and told him his idea, he said it was a good idea. Since they did not know where to start, they said that where the treasures could be hidden is under the trees or old houses. Tom suggested going to a house on Cardiff hill. After arriving there they began to dig in a huge tree that was in that house but to their surprise they found nothing.
  • the big treasure

    the big treasure
    Injun Joe wanted to hide the money with his friend and decided to do it under the cross when everything was dark. Tom and Huck wanted to find the cross and the big great treasure
  • other treasure

    other treasure
    injun joe digs under the haunted house chimney to unearth a box full of gold coins