Toffler's Wave Theory

  • Period: to

    2nd Wave Industrial Age

    The industrial age begins in 18th centrury (around 1750) and loses its momentum around 1955.
  • Period: to

    1st Wave: Agriculture Age

    Agricultural age began approximately in 8000 BC and diminished in USA in 1940.
  • Period: to

    3rd Wave: Information Age

    Information age begins approximately in the decade of 1950-60 and comes to begins to deminish in the last decade of 20th centrury
  • Period: to

    4th Wave: Communication Age / Biotech Age

    The 4th wave Communication age begins with the invention of WWW, HTML and IP in the last decade of 20th Century.
    During the same decade the Biotech age begins with the successful artificial cloning of first ever animal "Dolly" the sheep.