Todd Bertuzzi Life

  • Todd Bertuzzi is Born

    Todd Bertuzzi is born in Sudbary Ontario to Italian-Canadian parents. His father worked in the Nickel mines.
  • Period: to

    Life of Bertuzzi

    April 19th is the Present day when this timeline was completed.
  • Bertuzzi drafted into OHL

    Bertuzzi is drafted 5th overall into the OHL by the Guelph Storm.
  • Bertuzzi drafted into the NHL

    New York Islanders draft Todd Bertuzzi 21st overall during the 1993 NHL Entry Draft
  • Bertuzzi Signs First Pro Contract

    Bertuzzi signs a 4 year 4.6 Million Dollar contract shortly before the Deadline to sign 1993 Prospects.
  • Bertuzzi Plays First Pro Regular Season Game

    Bertuzzi played his first regular season NHL game on October 7th agaisnt the Boston Bruins scroing a goal.
  • Bertuzzi traded to Vancouver Canucks

    Todd Bertuzzi along with Bryan McCabe traded to Vancouver Canucks for Trevor Linden shortly before '98 Olympics.
  • Motive for Moore Incident

    Steve Moore checks Markus Naslund in head giving him a concussion. Vancouver Canucks upset, a " bounty" on his head.
  • Steve Moore Incident

    Todd Bertuzzi sucker punches Steve Moore in response to a hit Moore layed on team captain Markus Naslund.
  • Betuzzi suspended indefinitely

    League determines the indefinitie suspension will remain, Bertuzzi would miss 13 regular season games and 7 in the playoffs.
  • Formally Charged in BC

    Finnally charged with assualt causing bodily harm. The max sentence as up to 18 Months in Prison.
  • Bertuzzi Pleads Guilty to Assualt Charges

    Conditional discharge, 80 hours community service, as well as a years probation. He succesfully completed the probation and does not have a criminal record.
  • Moore files a lawsuit agaisnt Bretuzzi for FIRST time

    Moore sues Bertuzzi in a Colorado court. It is thrown out because it was better suited in Canada.
  • Bertuzzi Reinstated

    Bettman reinstates Bertuzzi, citing "uncertainty, anxiety, stress and emotional pain for the Bertuzzi family" as the reason.
  • Moore files a lawsuit agaisnt Bretuzzi for SECOND time

    Filing shortly before the deadline in Ontario Superior court agaisnt Bertuzzi, the Canucks, and the ownership.
  • Present Day

    The day this timeline is handed in.